Soli di Notte: Joan Miró Exhibition at Villa Manin – Italy

Passariano di Codroipo (Udine / Italy). I’m back from an interesting exhibition about Joan Miró, hosted at the prestigious Villa Manin (more or less one hour from Venice, one hour and half from Ljubljana, and 3 and half hours from Milan and Salzburg). In these situations, it’s very unlikely that I photograph some paintings, since I found this action totally useless. What can be the reason behind photographing a painting at an exhibition? If it is to save a memory of the visit, I can photograph something else, something of more personal and intriguing; if it is because in a following moment I want to analyse in detail the painting I’m photographing, I’m sure I can find much better and more detailed images on the web; if it is to show-off that “Hey, I   w a s   t h e r e ! ! !”, it’s obviously pretty stupid.

However – and here’s the reason of this post – walking at an exhibition I enjoy photographing the ambient around me and directing my lens towards some large rooms or trying to capture people’s behavior.

One of the main rooms at Joan Miró’s exhibition is the one photographed here: it reproduces – using original tools and instruments – part of the artist’s studio. Watched from the balcony (the exhibition is on two floors) I found the view of this room very interesting and worthy of being photographed: I liked the soft light, and I felt like I was really there, in his studio at Palma de Maiorca, watching his table immediately after he completed one of his paintings and left his instruments on the table.

It was just a feeling: but isn’t it great using photography to capture a feeling?

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Fall Is Not Only a Matter of Death Leaves and Grey Colours

Somewhere in Friuli-Venezia Giulia (Italy). A yellow flower surfaces from a foliage in a wood of poplars. Because fall is not only a matter of death leaves and grey colours…

Da qualche parte nel Friuli-Venezia Giulia. Un fiore giallo spunta dal fogliame in un bosco di pioppi. Perché l’autunno non è solo una questione di foglie morte e colori grigi…


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Cherry Blossom, The Miracle of Spring

Codroipo (Udine). I know it’s absolutely normal, but to my eyes every year it looks like a miracle: when after a long winter (because every winter is long, by definition), trees start their blossoming announcing the nature’s awakening, I’m hypnotised by the beauty of these flowers.

It’s definitely not like the Japanese “sakura” – photographing that event is one of my photographic dreams – but I love it and I’m happy to post this macro photo of a cherry-tree flower here on my blog. And the poplars’ wood behind this “solo” flower, gives a flavour of Italy to the scene…

Happy spring to everybody, from Friuli Venezia Giulia!

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Poplar Trees Fall Foliage (Autunno in Friuli-Venezia Giulia)

Codroipo (Udine / Italy). This year I learned the word “foliage”; better, I realized it’s incredibly popular. If I make a search on Google using foliage, I get a lot of results from several different languages, including Italian (although there’s the Italian translation for foliage, but it does not sound so romantic). Anyway, the foliage is becoming an opportunity for travel lovers, like the sakura – the famous cherry blossom in Japan.

Autumn is a wonderful season for photography – no doubt about this: and this is my interpretation of the foliage, captured in a fantastic poplar wood close to Codroipo, in the amazing Friuli-Venezia Giulia region.

Codroipo (Udine). Quest’anno ho scoperto la parola “foliage”; o meglio, ho scoperto che è incredibilmente di moda. Se faccio una ricerca su google sono con la parola foliage vengono fuori tantissimi siti in italiano che la utilizzano. Letteralmente vuol dire fogliame, ma evidentemente suona molto peggio e penso sia per questo che la versione inglese è decisamente più utilizzata. Ad ogni modo, un po’ come la sakura – la fioritura dei ciliegi in Giappone – il foliage sembra stia diventando un fenomeno attorno al quale si organizzano varie attività turistiche.

Che l’autunno sia una bellissima stagione dal punto di vista fotografico, è comunque fuori discussione – foliage o fogliame che sia. E questa è la mia idea di foliage, catturata in un bellissimo pioppeto di Codroipo, nello splendido Friuli-Venezia Giulia.

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Foliage (Poplars Wood in Friuli-Venezia Giulia)

Codroipo (Italy). This is the last one, I promise. No, not the last one “in absolute terms”… this blog will go on, and I have a lot of photos to share! I’m talking about “foliage”, this sort of autumnal obsession that has involved me too, also due to a long weekend spent in Friuli-Venezia Giulia with perfect weather and wonderful colors. So, after having played with depth of fields (such as here and here) I decided to post the photo of a long and large wood of poplars (something typical in Friuli).

Codroipo (Udine), Questa è l’ultima, lo prometto. No, non l’ultima “in assoluto”… il blog va avanti, ho un sacco di foto da condividere! Parlo del “foliage”, questa specie di ossessione autunnale che ha coinvolto anche me, complice un fine settimana lungo trascorso in Friuli-Venezia Giulia con tempo bellissimo e colori splendidi. E quindi, dopo un po’ di giochi con le profondità di campo (come questa, e questa) ho deciso di postare la foto di un grande bosco di pioppi (un qualcosa di tipicamente Friulano).

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The Illuminated Facade of Villa Manin

Codroipo (Italy). I took the same photo one year ago (here) and I admit that every time I pass in front of Villa Manin at Passariano di Codroipo, I feel the instinct of stopping and photographing it – especially by night.

Codroipo (Udine). Avevo già scattato questa foto l’anno sorso (eccola qui) e devo dire che ogni volta che passo davanti alla Villa Manin di Passariano di Codroipo, mi viene sempre voglia di fermarmi e di fotografarla – soprattutto di notte.

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Poplars. Landscape After a Heavy Rain

Codroipo (Italy). A rainy weekend does not necessarily represent an obstacle for taking some photos of the picturesque Friulan countryside. On the contrary, it’s possible to enjoy landscapes made of poplars, puddles and amazing bright glares…

Codroipo (Udine). Un fine settimana piovoso non necessariamente rappresenta un impedimento per scattare qualche foto alla suggestiva campagna friulana. Anzi, è possibile ammirare panorami fatti di pioppi, pozze e bellissimi riflessi luminosi…

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Sun Is Rising Through Poplars (Zulugne in Friulano Significa Brina)

Codroipo (Udine / Italy). Zulugne is a Friulian word, means frost. It’s the typical deposit of ice made overnight by humid air in cold conditions. I love walking through a poplars grove early morning in winter, when the sun is rising and the “zulugne” crackle under my feet. This is one of the many landscapes of Friuli-Venezia Giulia, and another good reason to love this amazing place of Italy.

Codroipo (Udine). Zulugne è una parola Friulana, e significa brina. E’ il consueto strato di ghiaccio che si deposita a terra di notte in ambienti umidi. Adoro camminare in un bosco di pioppi all’alba di una mattina invernale, quando il sole sorge e le “zulugne” crepitano sotto i miei piedi. Questo è uno dei tanti panorami del Friuli-Venezia Giulia, e un’altra ottima ragione per amare questa bellissima regione italiana.


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The Exedra of Villa Manin

Passariano di Codroipo (Italy). I have photographed several times Villa Manin, an architectural masterpiece of the eighteenth century and today location for many important exhibitions. But I have always photographed its facade, both by day and by night, behind the big gate that closes the entrance. But some days ago, aided by a fantastic autumn sunset, I thought to turn the back to the main part of the building and to photograph the impressive exedra: a sequence of arcs and columns that seems hugging all those admiring it.

Passariano di Codroipo (Udine). Ho fotografato diverse volte la bellissima Villa Manin, gioiello di architettura del ‘700 e oggi sede di importanti mostre. Ma ne ho sempre fotografato la facciata, sia di giorno che di notte, dietro l’enorme cancello che ne delimita l’ingresso. Ma alcuni giorni fa, complice anche un meraviglioso tramonto autunnale, ho pensato di dare le spalle al corpo principale della villa e di fotografarne l’imponente esedra: una sequenza di archi e colonne che sembra abbracciare tutti quelli che la ammirano.

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Colonnade of Villa Manin (Winter Sunset in Friuli-Venezia Giulia)

Codroipo (Udine / Italy). Another image of Villa Manin and its exedra, this time captured at sunset with the clear sky typical of winter days.

P.S. Voigtlander Ultron 28 mm lens is a great glass… I should consider it more, I do love it!

Codroipo (Italia). Un’altra foto di Villa Manin e della sua esedra, questa volta scattata al tramonto con il cielo limpido tipico dei giorni invernali.

P.S. L’obbiettivo Voigtlander Ultron 28 mm è una gran lente… dovrei usarlo di più, l’adoro!


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