Coffee With a View (Caffè del Verone, Museo degli Innocenti)

Florence (Italy). I’m just back from the newly opened Museo degli Innocenti (Museum of Innocents, where innocents are abandoned children), a museum about a very old Florentine institutions – the Istituto degli Innocenti – which was founded in 1421 and was dedicated to provide assistance to abandoned children.

I will write some info about the Museo degli Innocenti soon. This photo has been taken from the coffee shop – Caffè del Verone – where it’s possible to enjoy a breathtaking landscape of Florence – the same one utilised for the cup decoration…

Firenze. Sono appena tornato dal Museo degli Innocenti, recentemente aperto e dedicato alla vecchio Istituto degli Innocenti che fu fondato nel 1421 per assistere i bambini abbandonati.

Scriverò presto qualcosa sul Museo degli Innocenti. Questa foto è stata scattata dal “Caffè del Verone” da dove è possibile godere di una vista mozzafiato di Firenze, la stessa vista utilizzata per decorare la tazza…


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Turkish Coffee

Istanbul (Turkey). Turkish Coffee (Turk Kahvesi) is not simply “a coffee”… it’s a tradition, it’s a religion, it’s a ritual made of moments and that go well beyond simply the gesture of “drinking a coffee”. You have to wait, because when it comes served on your table it’s too hot. You have to drink it carefully, otherwise your mouth will be filled by the sandy coffee powder. You have to read its ground, so that you can learn more about your future and take the right decisions. For me – Italian – coffee is no more only “espresso”. A good Turk Kahvesi is a perfect boost to start the day!

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