(Just Another) Landscape of Florence

Florence (Italy). I guess you have seen this landscape of Florence several times: it has been taken from Piazzale Michelangelo (or Michelangiolo), one of the most popular observatory points around the city. What made me happy capturing this image, to be honest, is the fact that it has been made with 12 different vertical shots, merged together with Lightroom 6. I already tested this feature with an old sequence of photos taken at the Hungarian Parliament in Budapest, and I was very positively impressed by how fast, precise and easy to use it is. I guess I will shoot more and more panoramic photos in the future, hoping to enjoy again another beautiful landscape of Florence (and not only).

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Long Time No See (Roofs of Florence)

Florence (Italy). Long time no see, Florence: I have been quite busy, but I still love you don’t worry. Long time no see, my dear camera: if I have not been bringing you with me for long time, it’s because there was nothing to photograph. Long time no see, photographingaround.me: I guess you are disappointed because I’m not updating you anymore – at least not enough – but I had other thoughts in my head.

Well, now I’m back!

Firenze. Tanto tempo che non ci vediamo, FIrenze: sono stato piuttosto impegnato negli ultimi tempi, ma ti amo ancora – non preoccuparti. Tanto tempo che non ci vediamo, cara macchina fotografica: ma se non ti ho portata con me per tutto questo tempo, è perchè sapevo che non ci sarebbe stato nulla da fotografare. Tanto tempo che non ci vediamo, photographingaround.me: immagino tu sia deluso perchè non ti sto più aggiornando – almeno, non abbastanza – ma ho avuto altri pensieri per la testa.

Bene, sono tornato!

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