Euler Hermes

The Euler Hermes Building (Paris – La Défense)

Paris (France). I always bring at least one camera with me and normally, unless I know I will have the opportunity of dedicating half an hour to shooting around (and then I will bring a dedicated camera plus some lenses) I use the Ricoh GR: fast, precise and perfectly fitting in my pocket.

Some days ago, I was again staying at the Melia Hotel La Défense (here there’s another photo taken from the hotel’s sky bar) and my room was facing the back of the Euler Hermes head quarter’s building. Since it was around 7 PM, lights in the building were still switched on and the offices were fully illuminated, although there were very few people inside. Attracted by that sort of modern “honeybee farm”, I darkened my room and I staid several minutes watching an unusual “landscape”.

Two things were hypnotizing me. The first one, its geometries (it’s pretty normal in my case). But the second one was represented by all the possible stories nested within that context: how many stories of success, of failure, of career, of ambition, of frustration have been told in those offices? Not to mention private life stories, loves, jealousies, friendships and so on. In a certain sense – I hope I’m able to explain myself and make my thoughts clear – I found this glassed wall, especially if combined with the illuminated interiors, like a sort of disclosure to my eyes of the “office life”: something that from inside, with all those walls and doors, cannot be perceived.

Maybe I’m too romantic. Or probably, I was a bit stressed for the day and I just wanted to relax a bit, thinking about something else and disconnecting my mind from business affairs. In any case, I found in the interiors of the Euler Hermes offices an interesting subject: before the lights were off, I took my camera and photographed the scene to share it here.

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