Landscape of Ponza at Sunset

Ponza Island (Italy). A photograph of Ponza taken during a walk alongside the small marina at sunset, when the boats return after a day spent sailing close to its amazing coast, and fishermen are preparing their boats for the night fishing.

Memory of a summer that seems already so incredibly faraway…

Isola di Ponza. Una foto di Ponza fatta al tramonto durante una passeggiata lungo il molo del porticciolo, quando la sera le barche rientrano dopo una giornata trascorsa lungo le sue meravigliose coste, mentre i pescatori si preparano ad uscire per la notte.

Memoria di un’estate che sembra già così lontana…

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Fishermen Putting Out to Sea At Sunset

Dubrovnik (Croatia). Is there a word – in any language – that describes the sense of summer given by a winter day exceptionally warm? I’m thinking about a possible neologism able to summarize this feeling, which more or less has been experienced by everyone as soon as daylight becomes longer, winter moves closer to the end and, most important, temperatures become more acceptable, almost pleasantly mild. “Summarization”? Not yet; damn, it will be summer in so many months… Dewinterization? Neither, it sounds ugly… Animals have “to emerge from hibernation”, which could fit with what I want to mean: definitely they are one step ahead us!

However, I think it’s pretty clear this was my feeling yesterday: in fact, with a nice sun shining and a perfect temperature (considering it was the last day of January) I had in my mind and in my body the feeling it was finally time of “emerging from hibernation” And apparently I was not alone, since there were all around a lot of people walking, jogging or simply enjoying open-air time: so nice!

Once back home after a healthy run around the park, my positive mood brought me to surf and explore through my photographic archive, just to find an unpublished photo from the last summer and to prolong the nice feeling described above. As I always like to realize, watching my old photos is somehow like re-living the moments when I captured them. And I perfectly remember the situation behind this photo…

It was during last summer: I was going to Dubrovnik – a lovely town in Croatia and one of the top ranked places to see in 2016 according to many travel magazines – and a wonderful sunset was coloring the sky with a warm mix of orange and pink. As I was approaching the harbor, I crossed this fishing boat putting out to sea. I have always had a special interest for fishermen: even when I was a baby, one of my dreams was spending one night on a boat watching fishermen pulling the nets out of the sea. However, it remained a dream, but maybe one day it will become a nice reportage.

With this photo, I try not only to extend the nice mood I have been having since yesterday – although today it was foggy and cold, unfortunately – but also to spread out a bit of optimism saying to all my followers that, sooner or later, summer is definitely coming and this is one of the few certainties I can count on.


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The Fisherman’s Family

Muscat (Oman). I captured this photograph when I was driving around Oman with a friend. It was late afternoon and we were along a beach not far from Muscat. People were preparing their boats for the night out, and I noticed this nice fisherman’s family. The man is repairing the nets, I guessed he will leave his children in few hours to take the sea and capture some fish to sell at the local market. All together they share this nice convivial moment, it was nice photographing them.

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Dalmatian Fisherman in Lastovo

Lastovo (Croatia). I like walking along docks: I always bring a camera with me, and fishermen are one of my favorite subjects.

I met this men in Lastovo (the Italian name is Lagosta) and – no need to say – my attention was captured by the big fish (I think it was a snapper) and the man that was preparing it. Very close there are some good restaurants, and he was arranging the dinner for some customers (including myself). The clear sunlight of sunset was colouring the scene with a nice warm tone.

One curiosity: in Milan there’s a place named “Piazzale Lagosta“. I think it’s the same “Lagosta” of the Croatian “Lastovo”.

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Fishermen (and Friends)

Hvar Island (Croatia). I’m posting from a small but very nice town on an island of Croatia. Its name is Hvar – one of the most popular destinations in Dalmatia – and the town is Stari Grad (in english means “Old Town”). I’m finally on holiday, and maybe in the next weeks my posts will not be so frequent: I’m not sure I will be able to update my photoblog daily, but I will do my best.

Yesterday night my attention was captured by these fishermen. They were preparing their fishing nets for the night out, although dark clouds were announcing heavy rainstorms. I immediately went to watch them from a closer distance, because I have always been fascinated by fishermen since I was a baby. Still today one of my “dreams” is spending the night on a fishing boat and watching these people doing what – for them – is a “regular” working day. I think it could be a very nice photographing experience, by the way…

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Fishermen’s Boats in Ganh Dau, Phu Quoc

Phu Quoc (Vietnam). I remember Phu Quoc island as an “interesting mix” of wonderful places alternated to terrible spots: the island itself is beautiful and very well positioned – just in front of Cambodia. However,there are some parts that are going to be heavily compromised by new huge touristic resorts, and this is really sad to be admitted.

I was there some weeks ago, and I wanted to explore the island; therefore I headed to north to see the beach of Ganh Dau. This beach is also an important harbor for fishermen, which leave here their boats before going for fishing close to Cambodia. The atmosphere at Ganh Dau is nice, calm, and relaxed – I took this photograph to give exactly the impression I’m saying, and I used a wide angle lens to capture as much as possible of what was in front of my eyes. However, as said, resorts are really growing like mushrooms here around, and they are creating some serious threats to the island’s natural equilibrium. One of the largest resort on the island, the Vinpearl Resort, is very few kilometers from here, and it’s a brand new huge real estate development hosting a golf club, an amusement park, pools and other attractions.

The contrast between the Ganh Dau beach and the close Vinpearl resort is quite symbolic of Phu Quoc today: I really hope that this massive anthropization will not compromise the perfect atmosphere of this island, transforming this photograph as a pure and simple postcard from my memories.

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