Fall Is Not Only a Matter of Death Leaves and Grey Colours

Somewhere in Friuli-Venezia Giulia (Italy). A yellow flower surfaces from a foliage in a wood of poplars. Because fall is not only a matter of death leaves and grey colours…

Da qualche parte nel Friuli-Venezia Giulia. Un fiore giallo spunta dal fogliame in un bosco di pioppi. Perché l’autunno non è solo una questione di foglie morte e colori grigi…


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Cherry Blossom, The Miracle of Spring

Codroipo (Udine). I know it’s absolutely normal, but to my eyes every year it looks like a miracle: when after a long winter (because every winter is long, by definition), trees start their blossoming announcing the nature’s awakening, I’m hypnotised by the beauty of these flowers.

It’s definitely not like the Japanese “sakura” – photographing that event is one of my photographic dreams – but I love it and I’m happy to post this macro photo of a cherry-tree flower here on my blog. And the poplars’ wood behind this “solo” flower, gives a flavour of Italy to the scene…

Happy spring to everybody, from Friuli Venezia Giulia!

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Hope (Canzo-Asso Station)

Canzo (Como, Italy). Hope was the first word that came to my mind when I saw this yellow flower coming out from the rails of the Canzo-Asso train station. For this reason I decided to lay down on the ground with my camera putting my lens at the same level of this flower, and capture this photo. Now that I’m watching it (without post-procession, just very little adjustments) I can only confirm the same word: hope. Because when you see what the nature can do – such as creating a flower from the arid and hard soil of a railway – you understand that beauty can be every where. And this is what hope means to me, not only as a photographer but also as a human being.

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