Friuli-Venezia Giulia

Villa Manin by Night (Behind The Gate)

Passariano di Codroipo (Italy). My followers probably will notice this photo of Villa Manin, as it is the same view, taken from the same position of this other image captured some weeks ago (but that time it was during the day). I just wanted to “play” with my Leica Q at high ISO (6400) and see how it perform (although I already knew it is great at night). I already wrote some stories about this place (they are in the linked post). For art lovers, in these days – and until the 3rd of April 2016 – Villa Manin will host an important exhibition of Joan Miró.

That’s it. I don’t have too much to say today… I will fly to Paris this afternoon, maybe I will find the time to write something on the plane.

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Friulan Sakura

Friuli Venezia Giulia (Italy). April is the “sakura” season… Sakura is the Japanese word for “cherry blossom” and is a popular attraction for Japan. Ok, here I’m not in Japan, I’m in Friuli Venezia Giulia: it’s one of the most beautiful region of Italy, and it’s characterised by typical poplar trees (here in the background). For this reason, when I captured this image, I thought that its name could be “Friulan Sakura”.

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Trieste in Chiaroscuro (Palazzo del Governo)

Trieste (Italy). I love photographing when the sun goes down and paints the buildings facades with a warm tonality, creating at the same time long dark shadows. I have even created a tag to describe this special situation of contrasts – naming it “chiaroscuro”.

Some days ago I was walking around Piazza Unità d’Italia in Trieste, undoubtedly one of the most beautiful squares in Italy, and the sunset was partially painting the elegant facade of the “Palazzo del Governo” (Government Building), which today hosts the Province and the Prefecture. Is there any better situation to enrich my gallery of chiaroscuro photos?

Trieste. Mi piace fotografare quando il sole scende e colora con una tonalità calda le facciate dei palazzi, creando al tempo stesso lunghe ombre scure. Ho anche creato un tag – l’ho chiamato appunto “chiaroscuro” – per descrivere questa speciale situazione di contrasti.

Alcuni giorni fa ero in Piazza Unità d’Italia a Trieste, senza dubbio una delle piazze più belle d’Italia, e il tramonto colorava una parte della facciata dell’elegante Palazzo del Governo, sede della Provincia e della Prefettura. Quale miglior occasione per arricchire la mia galleria di foto in chiaroscuro?

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This Lady Did Not Like Me (Taking Her Photo at f/1.7)

Udine (Italy). I like this kind of situation, and for this reason, I do love my 28 mm summilux, which gives me the freedom of photographing around me (these last three words sound familiar) without caring too much about what people could think.

This is the story behind this photo: everything happened some days ago, when I was having a walk around Udine. It was already dark when I stopped in Piazza San Giacomo – it’s such a lovely place, one of the most popular destinations in town, with very nice cafes and crowded with people that choose this square to meet their friends and chat. The street surrounding the square is all covered with small stones – as many other streets in the old part of Udine – and I liked the effect they can make if I take a photo few centimeters from the ground, focusing half meter from my camera and making all the rest – including people – blurred and out of focus. So I did, shooting more or less 5 or 6 photos, with and without people.

Initially the purpose was photographing the square, therefore my idea was discarding those images with people that were passing in front of my camera and keeping the other(s). But when I downloaded all the photos to start editing them, I was particularly attracted by this one posted here, with the lady dressed with a big fur watching me. Since she’s out of focus, I started imagining what she could think about me: is she looking at me in an intimidating way? Is she simply curious? Does she think I’m crazy? I will never know the answer… (unless she recognizes herself on my blog). 

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Glimpse of Udine Before Climbing Up to the Castle (Loggia del Lionello)

Udine (Italy). Giovanni Boccaccio mentions Udine and the Friuli region in the 10th Day’s “Fifth Novel” of his most famous masterpiece Decameron written in 1350.

“In Friuli, a country, though cold, glad with goodly mountains and store of rivers and clear springs, is a city called Udine…”

The feelings I have when I walk around Udine are those of a very pleasant city with high life quality, characterized by a typical medieval urban tissue perfectly integrated with stylish shops, cozy cafes and beautiful bookstores.

I love so much visiting Udine and photographing its glimpses. This one in the image is the colonnade along the steep way to the Castle, captured some days ago at sunset.

Udine. Giovanni Boccaccio menziona Udine e il Friuli nella “Novella Quinta” della decima giornata del suo celebre Decameron, scritto intorno al 1350:

“In Frioli, paese, quantunque freddo, lieto di belle montagne, di più fiumi e di chiare fontane, è una terra chiamata Udine…”

Le sensazioni che si hanno passeggiando per Udine sono quelle di una cittadina assai piacevole con una alta qualità della vita, caratterizzata da un’impronta urbanistica tipicamente medievale che si concilia perfettamente con negozi eleganti, caffè ospitali e belle librerie.

Mi piace molto visitare Udine e fotografarne alcuni suoi scorci. Questo nella foto è il colonnato che accompagna la ripida salita al Castello, in uno scatto fatto giorni fa al tramonto.

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Vineyard Landscape Before Grape Harvest – Colli Orientali del Friuli

Abbazia di Rosazzo (Italy). Watching a vineyard few days before the grape harvest, makes me feel special emotions: in the wait there’s a sort of emotive tension, which seems being spread through the lines rich of generous grapes waiting for being harvested. And indeed this feeling is not only for vineyards workers, but also for wine lovers, eagerly waiting to know what kind of season it will be.

This landscape has been taken at sunset from the amazing Rosazzo Abbey, above Manzano, on the marvellous “Colli Orientali del Friuli” (a hill zone, some 20 km south-east of Udine, close to the Slovenian border). The white wines prepared here are widely recognised as the best ones in the world, and they bring in their taste the determined personality of people living and working here. The same people – I love to imagine – eagerly waiting for the grape harvest day.

Abbazia di Rosazzo (Udine, Friuli Venezia Giulia). Osservare una vigna a pochi giorni dalla vendemmia genera emozioni speciali: nell’attesa c’è una sorta di tensione che sembra diffondersi tra i filari ricchi di bei grappoli in attesa di essere colti. Ed è così in effetti, non solo per chi con le vigne ci lavora, ma anche per chi ama il vino e attende con ansia di sapere che annata sia stata.

Questo panorama è stato fotografato al tramonto dalla splendida Abbazia di Rosazzo, sopra Manzano, sui meravigliosi Colli Orientali del Friuli. I bianchi che nascono in questa zona sono tra i migliori del mondo, e ne portano il carattere deciso delle persone che qui vivono e lavorano. E che – mi piace immaginare – aspettano con ansia il giorno della vendemmia.

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Trieste Upside Down

Trieste (Italy). I generally like seaside towns and frontier towns, and for this reason I really love Trieste, which includes these two aspects in the same city. Furthermore, here the Central European soul (Trieste was the main sea access of the Hapsburg Empire, a period of strong economic and demographic growth for the city) merges the Mediterranean one, in a melting pot of races, cultures, religions and lifestyles.

Sometimes I have the opportunity to spend some hours in Trieste, and I think it’s a wonderful city to visit and to photograph, both with its traditional landscapes, both with its hidden corners. In the image here above, I captured the facade of a building along the Canal Grande, taken from a different point of view, reflected on the sea surface. Indeed, the two spirits of Trieste: the Central European one and the Mediterranean one.

Trieste. Personalmente amo molto sia le città di mare che le città di frontiera, e per questo a maggior ragione amo Trieste che ne incarna entrambi gli aspetti. Non solo, ma qui l’anima Mitteleuropea del nord (Trieste è stato il principale sbocco marittimo dell’Impero Asburgico, periodo durante il quale conobbe un’epoca di straordinario sviluppo economico e demografico) si fonde con quella Mediterranea in un crocevia di razze, culture, religioni e stili di vita.

Di tanto in tanto mi capita di aver occasione di passare qualche ora a Trieste, e trovo che sia una città bellissima da vedere e da fotografare sia con i suoi panorami più classici, che con i suoi angoli nascosti. Nella foto qui sopra, la facciata di un palazzo che si affaccia lungo il Canal Grande, presa da un punto di vista un po’ diverso, ossia riflessa sulla superficie del mare. Appunto, le due anime di Trieste: quella Mitteleuropea e quella Mediterranea.



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Colonnade of Villa Manin (Winter Sunset in Friuli-Venezia Giulia)

Codroipo (Udine / Italy). Another image of Villa Manin and its exedra, this time captured at sunset with the clear sky typical of winter days.

P.S. Voigtlander Ultron 28 mm lens is a great glass… I should consider it more, I do love it!

Codroipo (Italia). Un’altra foto di Villa Manin e della sua esedra, questa volta scattata al tramonto con il cielo limpido tipico dei giorni invernali.

P.S. L’obbiettivo Voigtlander Ultron 28 mm è una gran lente… dovrei usarlo di più, l’adoro!


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Shooting Poplars With Slow Shutter Speed

Some days ago I posted a photo of Venice that, due to its highly contrasted tones, was resembling a Macchiaioli’s painting. This time I’m posting an image that looks like coming from the Impressionism movement. Well, I took this photo with the clear intent of making an experiment: I tried to shoot some poplars trees with a slow shutter speed, moving (rotating) my camera in a bottom-up sense. At the end, I liked the final effect: it is a bit abstract and mesmerizing, but still nice to be observed.

For your information, these poplars are in Friuli Venezia Giulia, a wonderful region in the north-east of Italy.

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Glimpse of Trieste

Trieste (Italy). When you say “Canal Grande”, people normally think about the Venetian one (which, by the way, I photographed not too long time ago). But there’s another Canal Grande, the one photographed here, which offers one of the nicest glimpse of Trieste. I like this city, thanks to its position – close to the Austrian and the Slovenian borders – and to its long history, it is able to transmit the feeling of a multicultural, multi-religion and mitteleuropean city. Just to mention an example: during the beginning of the XX century, Trieste was counting a large number of religions, as well as many different languages spoken in its elegant streets.

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