Venice in Chiaroscuro

Venice (Italy). Beyond its typical and “ultra-photographed” landscapes (and I must include myself in this category), photographing around Venice can offer wonderful moments of so called “chiaroscuro”. Moving away from the Gran Canal or the Rialto Bridge and walking along secondary streets, gives the possibility of seeing narrow canals only partially illuminated, The strong contrast given by half scene completely dark and the other one warm and sunny is nice, and makes photos of Venice look like some paintings from the artistic movement called “Macchiaioli”.

The photo here is an example.

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Venice by Night

Venice (Italy). Since after my previous post I have been requested to indicate where is the mentioned Fondaco dei Tedeschi, I utilize this new image of Venice – this time captured by night. So, watching the Rialto Bridge, the Fondaco is the building on the left, with tall arches (at the ground floor) before the bridge and a banner on the facade.

I must say that Venice by night is – if possible – even more magic than by day: the city gets calm, the mass of tourists begins flowing away and the atmosphere changes completely. There are few illuminated canals and buildings’ facades, (this part of the Gran Canal is one of the few) and especially in winter, alleys and squares become dark and mysterious. There are some figures saying that Venice hosts 100,000 people by day and less than 5,000 people by night: some of them fill the local bars (bacaro, in Venetian) for a drink (the typical spritz) or for eating something; but those who want to experience the true magic essence of Venice, a night walk – better if in winter, with the fog – is truly an unforgettable experience.

Venezia. Poichè a seguito del mio post precedente mi è stato chiesto di indicare dove si trova il Fondaco dei Tedeschi, utilizzo questa nuova foto di Venezia – questa volta scattata di notte. Ebbene, guardando il Ponte di Rialto, il Fondaco è il palazzo a sinistra prima del ponte, con archi alti al piano terra e uno striscione sulla facciata.

Devo dire che Venezia di notte è se possibile ancora più magica: la città si calma, la massa di turisti inizia ad andarsene e l’atmosfera cambia completamente. Sono pochi i canali e i palazzi illuminati (questo tratto del Canal Grande a Rialto è uno dei pochi), e soprattutto di inverno calli, campi e campielli nella loro oscurità diventano deserti e misteriosi. Ci sono stime che dicono che a Venezia di giorno ci sono 100,000 persone, mentre di notte non arriva a 5,000: alcuni di questi affollano i vari bacari dove bere uno spritz e mangiare qualcosa; ma per chi vuole vivere la vera magia di questa città, una passeggiata notturna, meglio se d’inverno con la nebbia, è davvero un’esperienza irripetibile.

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Landscape of Venice from the Rialto Bridge

Venice (Italy). I’m realising that in the last days I’m capturing and posting very popular landscapes: my blog posts are more “postcards”. Well, I’m not too much disappointed by this; photographing around me means capturing whatever stimulates my attention, as I always repeat.

Yesterday, I was in Venice. Crossing the Rialto Bridge I noticed this “typical” scenery: although it was not easy to find the time and the quietness to set my camera properly (it was a very crowded place), I was able to capture this image. As I already said, it’s a postcard – and perhaps you have seen the same image hundreds of times. But I liked it; so: why not sharing it with my followers?

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