Relaxing at the Seraya Shores Hotel in Bali

Bali (Indonesia). I’m sure that photos can have a positive effect on those watching them. Maybe I’m facilitated by the fact that, being the author of these photos, watching them is a way to re-live some moments.

Today it’s one of those days which have been developed in black and white since the morning. No colors at all out of my window, the sky is white – grey, it’s a bit rainy and yes, unfortunately it’s getting colder. Summer is over not only according to the calendar, and I’m in the mood that I must accept it.

But as said… there are photos! Oh yeah, they help me a lot in these cases. This one, for example, has been taken a couple of summers ago in Bali – on the shores of the Lombok Strait in East Bali, to be more precise. I perfectly remember this place: its name is Seraya Shores Hotel and it is located close to Karangasem. I staid there, it was a paradise on earth, and since this weather is going to depress me, I decided to cure my soul with this image.

Ok, outside is still grey, rainy and cold. But for few minutes – the necessary time to write this post – I was feeling like I was there…

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Hyatt Regency Istanbul Atakoy

Istanbul (Turkey). There’s always a good reason to bring a camera with me… especially when I visit brand new hotels like the Hyatt Regency Hotel Istanbul in Atakoy. The hotel has been opened a couple of weeks ago (January 2015) and I was quite impressed by the hall’s view from one of the top floors. Well, it’s not like the stunning Hyatt Hotel in Shanghai (I will post a photo of it soon) but at list its quite pleasant.

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The Spinning Staircase at Grand Hyatt Hotel Shanghai

Shanghai (China). Discovering and photographing geometries around me is always very stimulating and exciting. For this reason I love shooting architectures, especially contemporary ones.

I photographed this place some years ago: I would have liked to challenge my readers asking them to tell me what they thought it could be; but unless someone has already been here, it’s very difficult to guess. No, it’s not an illuminated tunnel: this is the lobby of a famous (one of the most famous, to be honest) hotel in Shanghai, the Grand Hyatt Hotel in the Jin Mao Tower. The impressive sequence of floors, with a strong yellow light and the sequence of small terraces, takes the observers’ attention and inexorably brings them to the top of the very high ceiling, somehow like a virtual twist.

If you are in Shanghai, I recommend a visit to this place – it’s really unique! and to capture it with the camera, including as much as possible of this incredible place in your photo, try a very wide lens (I used a fish-eye, for your information).

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