Istanbul Under the Snow (Walking Around Sultanahmet)

Istanbul (Turkey). After the landscape of Istanbul from Hagia Sophia posted some days ago, here there is “just another” photograph taken the same – unique – day during a nice walk under the snow around the garden in Sultanahmet.

One of the things that impresses me much – every time it snows in Istanbul – is the sound of the city, which is normally noisy due to its intense traffic. Believe it or not, the snow therefore does not change only the landscape: Sultanahmet becomes somehow quite, silent, muffled.

I’m still developing some photos of Istanbul covered by snow: stay with me!

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Hyatt Regency Istanbul Atakoy

Istanbul (Turkey). There’s always a good reason to bring a camera with me… especially when I visit brand new hotels like the Hyatt Regency Hotel Istanbul in Atakoy. The hotel has been opened a couple of weeks ago (January 2015) and I was quite impressed by the hall’s view from one of the top floors. Well, it’s not like the stunning Hyatt Hotel in Shanghai (I will post a photo of it soon) but at list its quite pleasant.

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Landscape of Istanbul Under the Snow

Istanbul (Turkey). It’s snowing again over Istanbul. After a magic white New Year’s Eve, another snowstorm is currently hitting the north-west of the country, causing some problems to the circulation, including ferries and airplanes (Turkish Airlines is cancelling several flights, internal and domestic).

Istanbul covered with a white layer is amazing: I know it’s pretty “normal”, and that it snows average once or twice per year, but still this event captures completely my attention and shows to my eyes a completely different city. Somehow, I have the feeling that the snow “cleans” everything and makes the city landscape more “uniform”, more regular, normalizing its irregularities and exalting the old city’s skyline with mosques and minarets.

I took this photo from the SALT Galata in Karakoy at the beginning of this year: at the top floor there’s a window with this amazing landscape. I guess it’s pretty much the same right now…

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Playing War (Children from Balat)

Istanbul (Turkey). Today April 23rd is the Children’s Day in Turkey (Çocuk Bayramı). The country celebrates its children, and I think this is a wonderful tradition. I celebrate this special day with all my Turkish friends posting a photograph I captured two years ago during a walk around Balat, in Istanbul. I met these three children playing war: when I proposed them to pose for my camera, they did it in a way like “ok, but please be fast; we have to fight our enemy”. The huge contrast between their behaviour and their children’s eyes impressed me a lot. I found this photo quite symbolic: for this reason – once again – I use it to celebrate this important day: 23 Nisan Çocuk Bayramı kutlu olsun!!

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