The Juggler at Porta Garibaldi Station in Milan

Milan (Italy). It’s very hot in Italy in these days, and in Milan – like in many other cities – people are suffering the high temperatures. Even simply walking around the city is tough! For this reason I was very impressed when some days ago, during a street photography shooting around Milan with my new Leica Q, I met this juggler. His job is making people at the crossroads smile, and he was putting all his energies to do it in the best possible way (and possibly raise some money). Believe me, it was really hot and he was completely sweaty.

After his performance, I met him and we had a short conversation. He told me his story: he’s from Sao Paulo in Brasil, but his life now is in Italy, where he lives happily with his wife and daughter. He explained me that his job does not consider the weather: it can be terribly cold (as it is in winter!) or extremely hot as in these days, it does not matter. Every day his mission is taking his “monocycle”, his tools and wait for the red light to start his performance and make people smile, eventually rendering their wait at the crossroad lighter.

When I watch this photograph, I like it because it shows people smiling while looking at him and therefore they give me the impression that they are enjoying his performance. Well done my juggler friend, I’m sure we will meet again at some crossroads around Milan!

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