Kiz Kulesi

Photoshooting On The Asian Side of the Bosphorus

Istanbul (Turkey). In these days I cannot be very active here on my photoblog. This is for two reasons: the first one, because I’m quite under pressure with my regular working activities – no problem, I can deal with them. The second one, which had pros and cons, is because I had to work on some old photos of Istanbul for a calendar.

More or less every year, around this period, I receive some requests of photos for calendars: I like the idea that my photos can be used for this purpose, and when I select them I try to think what users will like to watch for an entire month without getting bored. But beyond the simple selection, this research is also an useful activity that forces me to go through my photo stock, and it’s great when – sometimes – old photos pop up from the group and are flagged as “to be reconsidered”.

This one, for example, has been taken more or less one year ago. It will not be used for any calendar, but I liked it so much that I was even wondering why I did not post it here earlier. Never mind, isn’t it one of the purpose of Photographing Around Me? So, here we are!

I perfectly remember when I took this image: it was a Sunday afternoon, it was fresh, the typical weather of November when winds start blowing from the sea pushing down the temperatures and cleaning the air; the sunset behind the skyline of Sultanahmet was so nice that I could not resist to go to Uskudar and capture it – as I did many times before, always with the same enthusiasm. That day I decided to bring with me only one lens, the Nikon 105 mm DC, still one of my favorite one. Several people where there with phones and cameras, capturing that sunset like me. But my attention was all for this young lady photographed by her boyfriend. I liked the situation: it was not the usual landscape of the Kiz Kulesi (the popular Maiden Tower) with Sultanahmet in the background. This time I perceived something of warm, of familiar, somehow of “intimately human” in it: the shy gaze of the lady, the position of her hands, and the fact that she’s (intentionally) blurred gave something more to the landscape…

Everyone can judge: it’s not the first time that one of my favorite photos does not meet the expectations of my followers. But for me, as said, this is the photo that literally “popped up” from my database, and I’m happy now to post it here.

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