Landing at Venice Airport (Landscape of the Lagoon)

Venice (Italy). I have been landing at Venice International Airport (VCE) for several years, and every time it is a very exciting experience! It’s unmissable: just before touching the ground, the plane approaches the landing strip flying very close to the city, offering to its passengers an unique opportunity for a bird’s-eye view of the downtown, the lagoon and the canals. Amazing!

During all these years, I have been collecting several photographs taken from the plane. Some of them – unfortunately – are unusable or look all the same. But with the remaining ones, I have created a small gallery, and I’m posting them here on my photoblog with the tag “Venice Airport (VCE)“.

Here’s my personal advice for all airplane travellers coming to Venice: reserve a window seat along the right side of the plane (far from the wing, obviously). And when the plane starts approaching the landing strip, not only you must put your seat backs in their most upright (and uncomfortable) position, close your tray table, and open the window shades; in this case, passengers are recommended to take their camera, switch it on, check its settings, compose the scene and – click! – capture the most exclusive landscape of Venice!

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Landscape of Venice from the Rialto Bridge

Venice (Italy). I’m realising that in the last days I’m capturing and posting very popular landscapes: my blog posts are more “postcards”. Well, I’m not too much disappointed by this; photographing around me means capturing whatever stimulates my attention, as I always repeat.

Yesterday, I was in Venice. Crossing the Rialto Bridge I noticed this “typical” scenery: although it was not easy to find the time and the quietness to set my camera properly (it was a very crowded place), I was able to capture this image. As I already said, it’s a postcard – and perhaps you have seen the same image hundreds of times. But I liked it; so: why not sharing it with my followers?

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The Other Side of Venice

Venice (Italy). Thinking about a typical landscape of Venice, it’s normal to have in mind the Canal Grande or the Rialto Bridge. For this reason I liked to photograph what I imagine as “the other side of Venice”: from the Tronchetto park, watching north-west just opposite to the downtown, there is the industrial area of Marghera. It was developed at the beginning of the XX century, when Venice was aiming to become an industrial hub. Today, Porto Marghera’s landscape offers an uninterrupted sequence of chimneys, contrasting with the beautiful bell towers of the Republic of San Marco: Venice and “the other side of Venice”…

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Cross Wind Landing in Venice

Venice (Italy). Another landing at Venice – VCE Marco Polo Airport. This time with a cross wind making the flight a bit turbulent, but also drawing beautiful wakes on the lagoon’s water. The complete set of my landings in Venice is here (every time a new experience).

Venezia (Italia). Un altro atterraggio all’aeroporto Marco Polo di Venezia (VCE). Questa volta con un vento trasversale che ha reso il volo un po’ turbolento, ma che ha anche disegnato bellissime scie sull’acqua della laguna. Qui c’è l’intera serie di atterraggi all’aeroporto di Venezia (ogni volta un’esperienza diversa).


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