Light Trails

Night Walk at La Defense, Paris

Paris (France). As I anticipated in my previous post, I was in Paris in the past two days. More precisely, it was a very short stay, only 24 hours: quite frustrating, especially if you bring with yourself the illusion of having the time for a couple of photos (as I normally do).

Anyway, it was not so bad: as I usually do in these case, I don’t bring anything but a small Ricoh GR camera, which perfectly stays in my raincoat pocket and offers good performances. I was walking back from the restaurant to the hotel, when I noticed this “landscape”. The illuminated skyline of La Defense was there saying to me: “hey man, take a picture of me!”. It was only a matter of finding something of stable on which putting the camera previously programmed for a long exposure shot, to capture the  nice effect of light trails.

And that’s it: this is the final result. Not my best photo of the past days, but still something I enjoyed to do: isn’t it the backbone of my passion for photography?

P.S. Tomorrow I will go – again! – to Paris. Let’s see if this time I will be a bit less overwhelmed and I will find time for a walk taking some photos on the street.

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Landscape of Paris from the Hotel Melia La Défense

Paris (France). Here we are: in a couple of days it will be Christmas, and with it the end of 2015 is approaching. Time flies, and the last months have been characterized by a very (too much!) hectic life… I traveled so frequently in the last period, that in few weeks I upgraded my frequent flyer status directly to gold. Almost all my trips have been to / from Paris; and almost all my stays in Paris have been limited to La Defense – which is not exactly the most exotic place in town.


The last time I was there, I spent a night at the Hotel Melia, one of the many hotels around the Esplanade de la Defense; and although it was what is normally recognized as a business hotel, there was a nice sky bar with an open air terrace. Of course, after dinner, I could not resist the temptation and I went there with my camera, looking for a stable place to put it for this long-exposure shot.

Paris has something…

It’s not my favorite city where shooting photos because – probably – it is “overphotographed” (I do not think this word exists). However, every time I see a landscape of Paris, I remain fixed in a sort of contemplation. Especially from La Defense, the city looks flat with few churches’ domes, illuminated streets and – of course – the Tour Eiffel. And a sense of “need of taking an original photo” pervades me, like a challenge, probably a reaction to what I was saying with my neologism… I’m never sure enough I accomplish my mission, and in this occasion is the same story; but I liked the final result of this capture, with the illuminated tower and its strong light-rays completing the scene.

And since I’m not sure I will be able to post something before Christmas, I will use this image to share my best wishes with all my readers and followers.

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