Magra River

Pontremoli, Sunday Afternoon Landscape

Pontremoli (Italy). Sunday afternoon of an end of July’s weekend: I have a train to catch, the train that brings me back home after a short but exciting weekend. The car that accompanies me to the station is parked on the bridge, from which it’s possible to capture probably the best landscape of Pontremoli – or at least one of the most characteristic.

It’s difficult to explain what Pontremoli represents for me. The first answer – the most rational one – considers my family origins and my ancestors, but to be honest this is not the reason why I love this place. So, I prefer to make my heart talk and to dig back into my childhood, when I was used to spend here almost all my summer holiday period. At that time – I’m writing as an old man – there weren’t smartphones or tablets, and the streets were not populated by Pokemons as of today. I perfectly remember that a bicycle, a ball and a swimming suit were enough. Spending an entire afternoon at one of the rivers flowing from the surrounding mountains dipped in a natural pool with freezing water for hours, or competing with my friends to rear up the BMX and cover the longest distance on the back wheel only, was making my summer holidays. And still today, I have so many memories and positive emotions, that I wish for the youngest generations to drain the batteries of their devices as soon as possible and to learn to have fun with very simple things.

And today? Well, returning to Pontremoli today is different, and it’s still an emotion. I’m not a baby anymore, so I developed a new intimate relationship with this place, of which photography is the pillar. I love to look at this small, historical and characteristic town through my camera viewfinder: I love to take it as a sort of challenge, given by photographing something I’ve been watching for years and years, trying to capture as if I were a tourist. For those who know my passion for photography, this shouldn’t be a surprise. For all the others, I hope you can understand what I try to mean.

It should be clear now the reason why even last Sunday afternoon, before going to the train station to return back home after an exciting weekend, I took my camera and captured another landscape of Pontremoli.

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The Magra River Crossing Pontremoli

Pontremoli (Italy). A partial view of Pontremoli, “comfortably” captured last summer from my terrace. Contemplating the Magra river “caressing” Pontremoli on a summer evening, gives me an uncommon sense of interior peace. I frequently come back to watch photos like this one, precisely because they are able to offer me some minutes of suspension from daily hectic activities. Moreover, adding the fact that outside it’s cold and rainy – as it is today – photos such as this one become an authentic refugee… Waiting for the next summer and another photo of Pontremoli and of its Magra river to capture.

Pontremoli. Uno scorcio del paese vecchio preso “comodamente” dal terrazzo di casa durante la scorsa estate. Ammirare il fiume Magra “accarezzare” Pontremoli durante le serate estive riesce a darmi un senso di pace non comune. Torno spesso a guardare foto come questa, proprio per la capacità che hanno nel regalarmi qualche minuto di sospensione dalle frenetiche attività quotidiane. Se poi si aggiunge il fatto – come oggi – che fuori piove e fa freddo, allora la foto diventa un vero e proprio rifugio, in attesa della prossima estate e di un’altra foto di Pontremoli e del suo fiume Magra.

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