Jane’s Carousel in New York

New York (USA). Jane’s Carousel is one of the magic places in Brooklyn, New York. It’s a very old carousel, you can read the entire history here in the official webpage. I photographed this place one night I was walking around the Brooklyn Bridge: it was a cold winter night (and when I say “cold”, it means “freaking cold”!) with very few people around. When I saw the carousel, it was like a mirage: it was closed, but lights were on and horses in the glassed structure were looking as ready to start their ride again. All around, there were Manhattan’s lights, forming a perfect frame. Somehow, that moment warmed me so much that I spent half-an-hour shooting this scene.

Both last and this December (2013 and 2014), this photograph has been chosen by Jane for the Christmas newsletter. This is the kind of things that make me proud: not only because I’m talking about one of the most popular place in New York City (by the way, this place won the Travel and Leisure 2012 Design Awards as “Best Public Space”), but also because I like to believe that if Jane’s Carousel warmed my heart that night, maybe with my photograph I can now warm someone else’s heart. Isn’t it what a photographer should try to do every time?

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New York Skyline at Sunrise from the Sheraton Tribeca Hotel

New York (USA). The typical skyline of Manhattan – with the majestic Empire State Building – is normally photographed from North (for example, from the Rockefeller Center’s observatory). However, I found this point of view particularly interesting, with the low houses of Little Italy, Soho and China Town gradually converging toward the tall skyscrapers of Central Manhattan, which looks like a huge wave…  I took this photograph from the terrace of the Sheraton Tribeca Hotel on Canal Street.

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Lower Manhattan Skyline from Hoboken (New Jersey)

New York (USA). This is an old photograph – there’s the Freedom Tower still under construction, it was January 2013 – of Lower Manhattan at sunset captured from Hoboken, on the New Jersey’s side of Hudson River. To those travelling to New York and asking me some tips about what to photograph and especially from where, I always recommend this place. Especially in winter at sunset, when – although the biting cold – positioning the tripod along the river side and waiting for the best light is an authentic pleasure.

It’s a long time since my last post with a photo of New York, and unfortunately it’s a long time I do not have the opportunity to go there – one of the most beautiful places on earth. New York, for a photographer, is a magic place: I think it’s one of the few cities – together with some megalopolis – able to offer inspirations for every photography category. From landscapes to street photography; from architecture to museums; from nature to sky’s colors. It’s hard leaving New York without some outstanding captures. It’s hard leaving New York in general…

New York. Una foto piuttosto datata – si vede la Freedom Tower ancora in costruzione, era Gennaio 2013 – della parte bassa di Manhattan scattata al tramonto da Hoboken, sulla sponda dell’Hudson lato New Jersey. A tutte le persone che vanno a New York e che mi hanno chiesto qualche consiglio su cosa fotografare a soprattutto da dove fotografare, ho raccomandato questo posto. Soprattutto al tramonto in inverno, quando (nonostante il freddo pungente) è un vero piacere piazzare il treppiede sulla sponda del fiume e aspettare la luce migliore.

Era tanto che non pubblicavo una foto di New York, e purtroppo è tanto che non ho occasione di quella che ritengo essere una delle città più belle del mondo. New York per un fotografo è un posto magico: credo sia una delle poche città – insieme a qualche altra megalopoli – in grado di offrire spunti di ispirazione per qualsiasi genere fotografico. Dai panorami alla street photography; dall’architettura ai musei; dalla natura ai colori del cielo. Da New York è difficile tornare senza qualche scatto magico. Anzi, da New York è difficile tornare in generale…

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National September 11 Memorial and Museum in New York

New York (USA). I visited the National September 11 Memorial and Museum in 2012. It ‘a place that should be visited in absolute silence, not only in respect to the many people that have lost their lives here, but also meditating on how that day changed the world. Today, on the 15th anniversary of that tragic September 11, I decided to prepare and post an old photo taken during this visit. While developing it, many things experienced during this visit came to my mind: the engraved names of dead people, the flowers left by their family, the incredible number of people – of all races and religions – walking silently around the huge fountains built in correspondence of the Twin Towers. It was my way to commemorate that tragic unforgettable day.

New York. Ho visitato il National September 11 Memorial and Museum nel 2012. E’ un posto che va visitato in assoluto silenzio, non solo in rispetto alle tante persone che qui hanno perso la loro vita, ma anche in meditazione su come quel giorno ha cambiato il mondo. Oggi, nel 15esimo anniversario di quel tragico 11 Settembre, ho deciso di riprendere una foto scattata durante tale visita. Mentre la preparavo per postarla qui sul blog, mi sono tornate in mente tante cose vissute durante quella visita: dai nomi incisi delle persone morte, ai fiori lasciati dai loro familiari, alla incredibile quantità di persone – di ogni razza e religione – che camminavano silenziosamente intorno alle enormi fontane costruite in corrispondenza delle Torri Gemelle. E’ stato un modo – per me – di commemorare quella tragica indimenticabile giornata.

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