Git Türkiye, Git! (Go Turkey, go!)

Istanbul (Turkey). This is the photo I have chosen to symbolise this 1st of November, a crucial day for Turkey, which will elect – For the second time in few months – its Parliament. I took this image almost one year ago during the Vodafone Istanbul Marathon, therefore long time before the current tough situation; but it came to my mind in these days, and I decided to post it tonight – just before the polls opening.

Why I’m finding this photo symbolic? Because I see in it exactly the situation that Turkey is living right now: the man with the flag represents the Country, which stands up agains the flow of events (alias people) coming against him.

Loving Turkey as if I were born there, I can only hope that this man will remain well stable against everything and everyone; so that the Turkish flag he holds in his hand can continue to wave proud of its glorious story.

Git Türkiye, git! (Go Turkey, go!)

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