Red Full Moon Rising on the Gulf of Naples

Naples (Italy). Usually I never post similar photos in this blog, or – at least – I never do it in a short time period. But this landscape of Naples, taken few hours after the previous one, left me literally breathless and I thought it was deserving an exception.

Let me try to describe the context… I was attending a special pre-wedding party at my hotel’s rooftop, and I can easily say that it was already a “perfect night”. Imagine: one of those nights with perfect people, perfect atmosphere, perfect food & drinks; one of those nights when you ask yourself: “what else? what can I desire more than what I’m living right now?”. Then – by chance – you turn back and … “Oh my God!!” There was a full moon just rising on the Gulf of Naples: it was big, perfectly circular and red. And it was illuminating the entire cost with its gentle warm light.

I could not resist: I had my small and powerful Ricoh GR with me (as usual) so I placed it on the fence and I took this long-exposure photograph, trying to balance the different lights’ intensities. This is the final result, and watching this photograph is a little bit like living that night again: that un-for-get ta-ble perfect night with a red full moon rising on the Gulf of Naples.

(Isn’t it one of the great features of travel photography?)

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Lunar Eclipse

Porto Cervo (Italy). It’s small, but it’s possible to see that the moon looks partially bitten due to the earth’s shadow on it. From the lunar eclipse of August 7th, 2017.

Porto Cervo (Sardegna, Italia). Anche se piccola, si può vedere che la luna sembra parzialmente “morsicata” a causa dell’ombra della terra. Eclissi lunare, 7 Agosto 2017


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