The Mont Blanc at Sunrise (from the plane)

Somewhere above the Alps (between Italy and France). I must confess that I’m neglecting my blog in these days, but I’m dedicating all my time to other things and I’m completely overwhelmed. For this reason, I find myself photographing through the window of a plane (and it’s good that I always bring a camera with me) commuting for business between Milan and Paris.

Days ago, during one of the typical amazing sunrises of this period, I noticed the peak of this mountain appearing through the clouds. Once landed, I found on internet the exact path of my flight, and through the time of shooting, I reached the conclusion that this could be the east side of the Mont Blanc.

I don’t know if it is true or not – perhaps a mountain lover can confirm it – but in any case it has been one of the most intense photographic moments of the past days (after all, they have been very few…)

Da qualche parte sopra le Alpi. Sto trascurando il mio blog, lo ammetto; ma sono impegnatissimo su altri fronti ai quali sto dedicando tutto il mio tempo e tutte le mie risorse. Per questo motivo, mi ritrovo a scattare foto attraverso il finestrino di un aereo (e per fortuna che mi porto sempre dietro una macchina fotografica!) mentre pendolo per lavoro tra Milano e Parigi.

Giorni fa, durante una delle solite meravigliose albe invernali di questo periodo, ho scorto la cima di questo monte emergere dalle nuvole. Una volta atterrato, ho ritrovato su internet la rotta esatta dell’aereo e – tramite l’orario di scatto – sono arrivato alla conclusione che il monte in questione potrebbe essere il versante Est del Monte Bianco.

Non so se sia vero – forse un appassionato di montagna può effettivamente confermarmelo – ma comunque sia, è stato uno dei momenti fotografici più intensi degli ultimi giorni (del resto sono stati talmente pochi…).

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Mount Ararat (Looking for Noah’s Ark)

Igdir (Turkey). It’s difficult to describe what I lived today, when the car turned right and I had this landscape in front of me… The legendary Mount Ararat (in turkish, Agri Dagi) was showing off to me all its greatness, beauty and fierceness. It was all covered with snow, and thanks to a clear sky I could capture its entire shape. It took few seconds to me to start dreaming of Noah’s Ark…

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Ortisei Chill Out

Ortisei (Italy). Walking on the mountains and, at the same time, photographing is something that I really love. The landscape that some places – like for example the Dolomites, in Italy – offer is something of unique. And if on your way you gonna meet nice cows relaxing on a soft green grass, the scene is complete!

Days ago I was enjoying a walk at the feet of Sasso Lungo mountain (or “Langkofel”), one of the most beautiful of the Dolomites group in Gardena Valley (which are included in the UNESCO list, by the way). In front of me there was the Sella Group, another wonderful peak. I was not alone…

Lying down on the meadow, chillin’ out in front of that spectacular landscape, there was a large group of cows. They were eating fresh grass, relaxing, watching people like me (apparently smiling at my camera) and completing that wonderful scene. I could not resist of course, and I captured this image thinking that it was perfectly giving the idea of peace, tranquility, silence and calm that I usually have in mind when I think about mountains and – more specifically – Dolomites.

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