Rhythm Is a Dancer: Street Photography in Paris

Paris (France). Street photography in Paris is – let me say – quite an easy experience. There are people, places and situations that perfectly suit with my personal idea for this exciting type of photography. And, to be even more precise, one of my favorite destinations for street photography is Le Marais.

Le Marais is an equally balanced touristic and residential district, more or less corresponding to the triangle formed by Hotel de Ville, Bastille and Place de la Republique. It is a wonderful location for a photo-walk, not only for its beautiful buildings and gardens (Place des Vosges or Musee Carnevalet, just to mention some). In fact, since it is one of the very few areas of Paris where shops are open on Sundays, the streets of Le Marais are very crowded and it is not infrequent meeting bizarre people.

Days ago I was there with my new Leica Q with the specific idea of trying it in a typical street photography session. My attention was captured by some music I could listen to not too far from where I was, something quite usual along Rue des Francs Bourgeois during the weekends. But once I arrived close to the band, I immediately noticed the lovely old woman dancing with them. She was coming from other times: her dress, her hat, and even the way she was moving was making this lovely woman to my eyes as someone coming from another era.

I don’t want to explain this photo since everyone can see its content and imagine a story about her. If you want, feel free to write it here below.

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Walking Home (Milano 5Vie)

Milan (Italy). This is something of Milan that I deeply love: the city has an unique talent of surprising me, it’s always the same story. Maybe because I do not expect too much (and I do not know why, to be honest). For sure because Milan has an inexhaustible cultural offer. So, it happened few minutes ago that I was walking through the “5 Vie” district and I passed in front of the “Società per l’Incoraggiamento Arti e Mestieri”: I could clearly listen to some music coming from there, so I gave a look moved by my curiosity. This is was I saw and photographed… My “way back home” today was sweeter and more relaxed.

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