Piazza Castello


Milan (Italy). I captured this photograph today during my lunch break. I found the curiosity of this group of children for the fountain of Piazza Castello, something of very poetic. That’s it.

Milano. Scattata oggi in pausa pranzo: ho trovato la curiosità di questo gruppo di bambini per la fontana di Piazza Castello molto poetica. Fine.

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ATM Tram #1503 (Piazza Castello)

Milan (Italy). Winter sunsets here in Milan sometimes have such a beautiful light! When the sun goes down, the Castle’s Tower (Castello Sforzesco) first gets colored with a warm tone of orange, then becomes pinkish and finally, when being back-lighted, turns into a dark grey silhouette.

Some days ago, I tried to capture the shapes of the Castle and the trees against the blue sky. But when I noticed this old ATM tram at the stop, I thought that the warm orange of the coach together with people waiting inside were adding something to the general composition. It was a perfect situation for my Ricoh GR camera (always in my suit’s pocket) and this is the final result.


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Milan (Italy). Cenaconme (literally translated into “dinner with me”) is an yearly event in Milan: people get together to a place (the name is disclosed few hours before the event itself) with the rule of bringing with them a table, chairs, food, beverages and the total white dress code.

The event happened today in Piazza Castello, a very central square in front of Sforza Castle. I went there with the double intention of assisting to a unique event, but also to test my new Leica Q camera. This few photos have been selected to document the event…

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Milan from the Window of Tram n. 1

Milan (Italy). This photograph demonstrates – if necessary – that in every moment of the day there is an opportunity to capture an image (and how useful and handy is the Ricoh GR camera, which perfectly fits in my raincoat pocket and is ready to use in every moment).

Yesterday I was on my way home back from the office and I jumped on the tram n.1. It is definitely a very old but characteristic coach, which dates back around 1920 – 1930 but is now fully operating after a complete and renovation work. When I was sit on one of its wooden benches, I was thinking about how watching a city from the window of a tram is an amazing experience. If in Lisbon, the famous tram n. 28 crossing the Alfama district is one of the most popular touristic attractions, why it cannot be the same here in Milan? Not to mention how nice and interesting can be photographing life from and inside trams! I’m developing a specific project about it…

Here, the tram is crossing Largo Cairoli, moving from Foro Bonaparte to Via Cusani; through the window I can see the Expo Gate and the Sforza Castle in Piazza Castello.

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