Pont des Arts

Paris (France). I’m not a photojournalist (I barely consider my self even a photographer!), but yesterday I was walking by chance close to Pont des Arts in Paris, and I remembered what I had read on newspapers the day before: a team of maintainers was there to remove thousands and thousands of padlocks – so called “love locks” – which were locked at the bridge’s railing by lovers from all around the world, putting their initials on the lock itself, and throwing the keys down into the Seine river.

Being there in the middle of a large group of photographers (professional ones) and video-makers was very exciting, and moved by enthusiasm of being in the right place at the right time, I took several photos. This first one published here is probably the most “symbolic”, with a last couple of lovers on the bench watching sadly all those love locks – probably included theirs – removed from Pont des Arts’ railing. Other photos complete the gallery.


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Melting Love Locks (Pont des Arts)

Paris (France). I just passed the Seine on Pont des Arts, the former “Love Bridge”, used by lovers to hang their locks to the railing and throw the keys into the river. The previous time I was here, the municipality of Paris was removing all the locks – I wrote a post about that event – and I was curious to see the bridge free from everything.

This is a piece of the railing: it’s funnily representing hundreds of love locks melting down. I found it quite ironic…


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