Rione Terra, Pozzuoli (Landscape From The Marina Just After a Rainstorm)

Naples (Italy). As anticipated in my previous post, I spent some relaxing days around Naples and its gulf. This time I had the opportunity to explore not only the city (to me, one of the most beautiful and interesting places in Italy) but also to visit the coast from a privileged observation point: a boat!. In the next days (hopefully, but more realistically I would rather say “weeks” since I’m a bit overwhelmed) I will post more images from the Gulf of Naples, the Islands and the Amalfi Coast.

The first image selected here comes from Pozzuoli, a medium-size town (ca. 80,000 inhabitants) with a very old history: according to some studies, a first Greek colony was settled here probably around 500 BC and its initial name was Dicearkia. More reliable evidences say that Pozzuoli was established in 194 BC as a Roman colony, being initially named “Puteoli” from “puteus”, a Latin word which means “well”. Another possible origin of the name Puteoli is again a Latin word – “puteo” – which means “to stink”, simply because this place is very close to a “Solfatara” (all the region is pretty “volcanic” and the Vesuvio is just at the other side of the Gulf.

The so called “Rione Terra” photographed here was the first settlement of Pozzuoli / Puteoli. I captured this landscape immediately after a very heavy rainstorm, when the first rays of sun were beginning to filter across the dark clouds, illuminating – let me more correctly say “painting with light” – the Rione. To be honest I was also waiting for a nice rainbow, but unfortunately it did not come… However I liked the final result, and I decided to share it here.

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On The Train (Ferrovia Cumana Montesanto – Pozzuoli)

Naples (Italy). I love trains, I love catching and photographing them. From inside, windows are screen on the external world. From outside, they are slices of daily life.I like watching people on a train: I imagine their stories and their everyday routine made of commuting and waits. There are many photographic projects – some of them truly amazing – developed around a trip on a train: mine here above is just a photograph, taken several weeks ago at the Pozzuoli station (in the Naples province) just as I got off the Cumana line from Montesanto. Yet, still today I like watching it, observing people and trying to imagine for each of them, something about their own life.

Napoli. Mi piacciono i treni, mi piace prenderli e fotografarli. Da dentro, i finestrini sono schermi sul mondo esterno. Da fuori, sono spaccati di vita quotidiana. Mi piace guardare le persone sui treni: immagino le loro storie e la loro quotidianità fatta di pendolarismo e di attese. Ci sono innumerevoli progetti fotografici – alcuni davvero bellissimi – sviluppati attorno al tema del viaggio in treno: la mia è giusto una foto, scattata diverse settimane fa alla stazione di Pozzuoli (in provincia di Napoli) appena sceso dalla linea Cumana proveniente da Montesanto. Eppure ancora oggi mi piace guardarla, osservandone le persone e provando a immaginare per ciascuna di loro qualcosa sulla propria vita.

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