Sunrise at La Défense, Paris

Paris (France). Early wake-ups are never very welcome, especially when I have to catch a plane. But there’s an exception: it’s when they make you experience (and photograph) such a beautiful sunrise!

This morning I was at La Dèfense – a large suburb of Paris – and I was walking around my hotel to breath fresh air before going to some meetings: when I turned my head toward Paris from the Esplanade de la Défense, I remembered when some weeks before I took this image posted here, and I immediately surfed my archive to find and share it here in my photoblog. I still have in mind when I saw this scene: I was literally impressed because it was early December (there’s a Christmas decoration) and despite the tragic terrorist attacks happened few weeks earlier, which put the city in a sort of deep chaos, I remember that everything in that exact moment was incredibly calm, relaxing, charming. The reflection of these thin lampposts on the fountain’s water was close to perfection, and the color of the sky was going from an intense blue (still with some memories of the night that was going to finish) to a warm orange announcing a fantastic sunrise – as it effectively was few minutes later.

Probably someone is curious to know how this same landscape was today… well, definitely not the same, unfortunately: cloudy and foggy, very annoying. However, this situation makes me think about another great strengths of photography, when watching something of already seen, brings your mind to the same place but in a much better situation, creating intense emotions…

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Reflections on the Canal Grande in Trieste at Sunset

Trieste, (Italy). Afternoon break along the Canal Grande (Grand Canal) in Trieste, when the sun goes down and the facades of the buildings around it are reflected on the water surface.

A walk along the Canal Grande in Trieste is a real pleasure and a must-do of those visiting this city: it is definitely less popular than the Venetian namesake, but it’s never too much crowded, offering the possibility to stroll about, standing and watching the life in Trieste flowing around…

Trieste (Italia). Pausa pomeridiana lungo il Canal Grande di Trieste, quando il sole inizia a scendere e le facciate dei palazzi intorno si riflettono sull’acqua.

Una passeggiata lungo il Canal Grande di Trieste è un vero piacere ed è una delle cose da fare quando si visita la città: è sicuramente meno famoso dell’omonimo veneziano, ma non è mai troppo affollato, ed offre la possibilità di fare due passi fermandosi e ammirando la vita di Trieste che scorre intorno…


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Trieste Upside Down

Trieste (Italy). I generally like seaside towns and frontier towns, and for this reason I really love Trieste, which includes these two aspects in the same city. Furthermore, here the Central European soul (Trieste was the main sea access of the Hapsburg Empire, a period of strong economic and demographic growth for the city) merges the Mediterranean one, in a melting pot of races, cultures, religions and lifestyles.

Sometimes I have the opportunity to spend some hours in Trieste, and I think it’s a wonderful city to visit and to photograph, both with its traditional landscapes, both with its hidden corners. In the image here above, I captured the facade of a building along the Canal Grande, taken from a different point of view, reflected on the sea surface. Indeed, the two spirits of Trieste: the Central European one and the Mediterranean one.

Trieste. Personalmente amo molto sia le città di mare che le città di frontiera, e per questo a maggior ragione amo Trieste che ne incarna entrambi gli aspetti. Non solo, ma qui l’anima Mitteleuropea del nord (Trieste è stato il principale sbocco marittimo dell’Impero Asburgico, periodo durante il quale conobbe un’epoca di straordinario sviluppo economico e demografico) si fonde con quella Mediterranea in un crocevia di razze, culture, religioni e stili di vita.

Di tanto in tanto mi capita di aver occasione di passare qualche ora a Trieste, e trovo che sia una città bellissima da vedere e da fotografare sia con i suoi panorami più classici, che con i suoi angoli nascosti. Nella foto qui sopra, la facciata di un palazzo che si affaccia lungo il Canal Grande, presa da un punto di vista un po’ diverso, ossia riflessa sulla superficie del mare. Appunto, le due anime di Trieste: quella Mitteleuropea e quella Mediterranea.



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