The Amazing Landscape of Safranbolu

Safranbolu (Turkey). Let’s be honest: whenever someone mentions Turkey, I’m quite sure people first think about Istanbul. Very few persons consider that – beyond my beloved Istanbul – there’s a big Country with an incredible heritage witnessed by an incredible number of hidden gems. Don’t you believe it? It means that you do not know Turkey or – even worse – that you do not trust me!

I have always considered myself as a very lucky person; and one of the reasons behind this consciousness is definitely my job: oh yes, my job gives me the possibility to travel very frequently and across different places – not always very nice, though. However, my job has been giving me the possibility of travelling around Turkey for many years, and when I say “around Turkey” it really means “around Turkey”, including the famous South East – before the current local instabilities made those provinces inaccessible. Unfortunately, when I used to travel around Diyarbakır, Şırnak, Van and the whole South East of Turkey, I had not discovered my passion for photography yet. And I’m still kicking myself for this, because I have seen so many wonderful places, which are memories in my mind, my soul, my heart; but not in my hard disk…

Anyhow, sorry for the digression. I was saying that I’m a frequent traveler, and sometimes my lucky star guides me till I find myself staying in very special locations: here is the sense of luckiness that I was mentioning before. And to better express the concept, meet Safranbolu!

Safranbolu can be considered, for all intents and purposes, a pearl in the heart of Anatolia and – no wonder – it is an UNESCO World Heritage Site. I believe that Safranbolu deserves a long, calm, meditating visit (it’s around three hours far by car from Istanbul, not so much) of more than just a day. There are very nice hotels, and the city must be visited not only by day, but also (especially) by night, with its characteristic houses illuminated and welcoming people. Especially if you are coming from the chaotic Istanbul, you will be amazed by the feeling of “the village”, while getting lost around the old city’s streets and watching the landscape from the hills around.

And once back to Istanbul, when someone will ask you about Turkey, you will finally talk not only about Istanbul…

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