Saint Basil

The Cathedral of Saint Basil and the Kremlin at the Red Square in Moscow

Moscow (Russia). It’s such a long time since my last post! I’m so busy in this period that I barely find the time to check my blog statistics and to answer to some messages… I’m working hardly in these weeks, and this my photoblog – although I love it – necessarily comes after my regular job (regular = the job for which I’m paid). Furthermore, the recent horrible events in Beirut, in Paris, in Mali etc. were so tragic, that during those days it was too hard for me finding the motivation to write something reasonable…

Therefore, this post “celebrates” the end of a 10-days period of silence; but it is also the post that embeds a new tag: “Moscow”! And it’s always special when I create a new tag, because it’s like putting a new flag on earth, something that excites me a lot!

Although my stay in Moscow was very short – just a weekend – I took many photos around the city. This one, the wide landscape of the Red Square by night, with the Cathedral of Saint Basil and the Kremlin, has been taken from the bridge crossing the Moskva river very few minutes after my arrival: I remember that I was so excited to start walking and photographing around Moscow, that I wasn’t feeling the cold wind at all, and even the snow – that was starting to fall – couldn’t stop me. I liked this view because, in the same frame, there are two of the most iconic landmarks of Moscow, with the “temporal power” (represented by the Kremlin) in a sort of opposition to the “spiritual power” (the Saint Basil’s Cathedral).

One technical note: I brought with me only the Leica Q camera, and to be honest I did not miss – except maybe for a couple of situations – all my other lenses. Maybe it’s the beginning of a new era? Should I start looking and exploring the world with a 28 mm focal length? Let’s see…

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