San Daniele del Friuli

The Tagliamento River

San Daniele del Friuli (Italy). Some days ago I was driving by San Daniele del Friuli, and I decided to climb up to a hill. Do you know when you are in the mood of “looking around” without a specific destination? That was my case… But when I saw the street was turning and was giving me an idea about the landscape, I could not resist and I immediately pushed on the car’s brakes. And I think I was right! The photo here above is a shot I took from there: the Tagliamento, one of the most important river of the north-east of Italy, here is in the trait between Osoppo and San Daniele del Friuli. It looks iced, I know; and I found this effect pretty amazing! But it’s white simply because its very wide riverbed is made of candid stones and pebbles. All around, a lovely pinkish sunset just behind the Carnic Alps.

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