Selfie Time (Climbing the Milan Cathedral)

Milan (Italy). Selfies for everyone. Selfies everywhere. It seems that visiting a place is not important for the place itself, but to show on social networks that you have been there. It’s more a matter of “putting a flag” than “increasing your cultural knowledge”. No need to say: I strongly disagree with this approach and I’m developing a sort of rejection for selfie-lovers and their ridiculous sticks. For this reason, whenever I’m shooting something around the world, I find these subjects quite interesting for my photos: they offer a clear contrast between the ancient human genius (which built magnificence things, like for example the Milan Cathedral, or “Duomo di Milano”) and the contemporary human stupidity. Where are we going?

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In Line (Psycoselfie)

Milan (Italy). The title can be interpreted horizontally and vertically… Being in line is boring, but when there’s such an interesting wall in front of you, time can be used in a better way. This is what I did yesterday, waiting to enter at the MUDEC (Museo delle Culture) in Milan. It’s a selfie, something I do not like to do: but it’s a bit psychedelic, which makes not so useless. Just for fun. Bye.

Milano. Il titolo può essere letto orizzontalmente ma anche verticalmente… essere in coda è noioso, ma quando davanti a te c’è un muro così interessante, il tempo può essere utilizzato meglio. Questa l’ho fatta ieri, aspettando di entrare al MUDEC (Museo delle Culture) di Milano. E’ un selfie, qualcosa che non amo fare: ma è un po’ psichedelico, cosa che lo rende meno inutile. Così, per divertirsi. Ciao.


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