A Walk Around Castello di Vertine

Castello di Vertine (Italy). Hidden among the typical hills of Tuscany, this little gem – Castello di Vertine – hosts its visitors with lovely narrow streets, a nice bar & restaurant, an ancient church and its original medieval walls. It’s easy to reach Castello di Vertine: it’s close to Radda in Chianti, between this one and Gaiole in Chianti. All around, vineyards and famous farms producing the excellent Chianti wine.

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San Gimignano

San Gimignano (Italy). When I take photos of very popular destinations it’s always a big challenge. It’s easy to capture the same image like many others did before, and it’s difficult not to be conditioned by a sort of “already seen syndrome” related to magazines of websites showing something about that specific place.

Travelling around Tuscany, this situation can be very frequent; and it is frustrating – believe me! However, what can make the originality of some photo is strictly related to the curiosity of their author. I travel because I want to see the world, including that world with which I think I’m familiar (Tuscany is part of this world). So when I travel, I like to explore and – possibly – to leave the conventional paths. The photo is the final step of a process, which starts with watching around me and continues with applying my curiosity to what I have been seeing till that moment.

Here, I was in San Gimignano: a place that has been photographed by millions of people I suppose (and there are great shots on the web, really!). However, I was very attracted by one of the many towers – the so called Torre Grossa – which is open to visitors and offers an extraordinary observatory point. I did not hesitate to climb it as soon as I understood that it was open: once on the top, I was completely alone and I captured this photo from there. It’s not my best shot – I know but it’s a bit different from what you can see googling “San Gimignano” on internet.

So, my personal tip for photographers is therefore the following: sometimes, try to click less, and possibly to be more curious!

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Driving from Florence to Siena

Vertine (Italy). I’m writing from a very small place, it’s name is Vertine and it’s between Florence and Siena, in the heart of Chianti close to Radda and Gaiole. Driving from Florence to Siena is one of the most beautiful experience you can have in Italy: the hilly country – named “Chiantishire” because of its popularity among British people – is full vineyards and cypress trees, a wonderful location for landscape photography.

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