Simplon Park

Landscape of Milan from the Terrazza Triennale

Milan (Italy). Some days ago I finally could go to the Terrazza Triennale – the terrace of the Triennale museum – a very popular place for an aperitif, with a great view on the park (Parco Sempione) and the new skyline of Milano (which I described here in detail).

I was not so impressed by the place itself: to be honest, the drink was nice but the Terrazza Triennale it is not the best “aperitivo in Milano”. A very nice list of gin bottles (it’s going to be a standard, but it’s good since – if you follow my posts – you should know that I’m a gin lover) with many top labels, and used not only for the classic gin tonic, but also for more elaborated cocktails. I was a bit annoyed by the waitress and by their inefficiency, probably due to a bad management of the bar (for example, first they served cocktails and after long time we received something to eat). I even gave a look to the menu for the dinner, but it was quite unappealing (and I heard bad comments about food).

What made this place special to my eyes is its view – and thank’s God I was back from the Fondazione Prada, so I had my camera with me! The sunset was P-E-R-F-E-C-T and while the sun was going down, its rays were coloring the facade of buildings at Porta Nuova. The trees of Parco Sempione were adding something to this fantastic landscape, giving the feeling that the skyline was de facto emerging from the forest in a very impressive contrast.

To capture this photo I used one of my favorite lens, an old glorious Nikon 55 mm f/1.2 Ai, which was badly damaged few hours earlier falling on the ground when I was at the Fondazione Prada (look here: I posted a photo on Instagram…). A bitter-sweet landscape…



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Milan (Italy). I captured this photograph today during my lunch break. I found the curiosity of this group of children for the fountain of Piazza Castello, something of very poetic. That’s it.

Milano. Scattata oggi in pausa pranzo: ho trovato la curiosità di questo gruppo di bambini per la fontana di Piazza Castello molto poetica. Fine.

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