Playing During a Plane Day

Milan (Italy). Sometimes you find your inspiration in what you see daily… so you decide to take your camera out of your pocket, prepare your composition and assume your daily dose of capture your daily photo. Then you go back home, develop the file and “play” a little bit more than usually with the software.

Anyway. This staircase is in the building where I work! For this reason, the title is “Playing During a Plane Day”

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The Spinning Staircase at Grand Hyatt Hotel Shanghai

Shanghai (China). Discovering and photographing geometries around me is always very stimulating and exciting. For this reason I love shooting architectures, especially contemporary ones.

I photographed this place some years ago: I would have liked to challenge my readers asking them to tell me what they thought it could be; but unless someone has already been here, it’s very difficult to guess. No, it’s not an illuminated tunnel: this is the lobby of a famous (one of the most famous, to be honest) hotel in Shanghai, the Grand Hyatt Hotel in the Jin Mao Tower. The impressive sequence of floors, with a strong yellow light and the sequence of small terraces, takes the observers’ attention and inexorably brings them to the top of the very high ceiling, somehow like a virtual twist.

If you are in Shanghai, I recommend a visit to this place – it’s really unique! and to capture it with the camera, including as much as possible of this incredible place in your photo, try a very wide lens (I used a fish-eye, for your information).

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Bottom-Up View (Edison Building Staircase)

Milan (Italy). As already said, I’m too busy in this period to go around with my camera and take photos. And it’s frustrating! But I always have a camera in my raincoat’s pocket – a Ricoh GR, such a great toy! Days ago, before going home, I stopped at the ground floor of the building where I work, and I captured this marble staircase. Then I played a bit with the image, adding a frame and some B&W effects (it’s frustrating also not having anything to develop!).

Milano. Come ho già avuto modo di dire, in questo periodo sono troppo preso per poter andare in giro con la macchina fotografica e scattare. E questa cosa mi frustra parecchio!. Ma ho sempre una macchina fotografica in tasca con me – una Ricoh GR, gran bel giocattolo! Giorni fa, prima di tornare a casa, mi sono fermato al piano terra del palazzo dove lavoro, e ho fotografato questa splendida scalinata in marmo. Poi hh giocato un po’ con l’immagine, aggiungendo una cornice e alcuni effetti in bianco e nero (è frustrante anche non avere nulla da sviluppare!).


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