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Heavy Clouds Always Break Up. Street Art by Beast

Milan (Italy). If you are in Milan in these days (by the way, there will be the fashion week soon!) and you walk around the popular area around Corso Garibaldi, you will probably notice the fantastic masterpiece by the Italian artist Beast. The title is “Heavy Clouds Always Break Up” and it shows a long boat with some politicians on board. It’s easy to recognise Matteo Renzi, Angela Merkel, David Cameron (three Prime Ministers) and the so called “eurosceptic” Matteo Salvini: they are all on the same boat trying to cross a river in a stormy context. A true metaphor of these contemporary times inspired by the painting “Washington Crossing the Delaware” by Emanuel Gottlieb Leutze.

I love this example of Street Art, I think it’s a great form of expression, accessible to everybody (those passing from here on their way to the office, or coming for a night walk, easily stop in front of Beast’s work and take some photos) and it seems that people are quite enthusiastically following the appearance of such works on Corso Garibaldi’s wall.

I tried to photograph Beast’s new work without people and without distortions, so that you can appreciate much more its details. If you want to see it live, copy and paste these coordinates in google maps 45.479095, 9.185913


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Reframe by Ai Weiwei at Palazzo Strozzi, Florence

Florence (Italy). Last weekend I was walking around the downtown of Florence, when I saw this interesting installation made by the contemporary Chinese artist Ai Weiwei. It’s a serie of 22 rubber boats positioned in correspondence to Palazzo Strozzi’s windows, on its façade. The installation’s title is “Reframe – Nuova Cornice” (new frame). In these years the same type of boats have been used by refugees which, escaping misery and looking for a better life, cross the Mediterranean Sea and arrive in Italy – in Europe, to be more precise. For this reason, I considered it appropriate including in the composition an European flag, a traffic sign indicating “no access” (which is more or less what Europe answers to their request) and the shopping window of the luxury brand Louis Vuitton…

Firenze. Lo scorso fine settimana, passeggiando per il centro di Firenze, ho visto questa interessante installazione dell’artista contemporaneo cinese Ai Weiwei. Si tratta di una serie di gommoni, montati sulla facciata di Palazzo Strozzi, in corrispondenza delle sue finestre. Il nome dell’installazione è “Reframe – Nuova Cornice”. Si tratta degli stessi gommoni utilizzati dai profughi per attraversare il Mar Mediterraneo ed arrivare in Italia – o meglio in Europa – e scappare dalla loro miseria alla ricerca di una vita migliore. Per questo motivo, ho ritenuto appropriato includere nella composizione della mia foto sia una bandiera europea, che un cartello di divieto di accesso, che la vetrina di Louis Vuitton…

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