Walking Around Plaza de Toros in Seville

Seville (Spain). The baroque-style street around Plaza de Toros (the full name is Plaza de Toros de la Real Maestranza de Caballería de Sevilla) photographed during a bloody hot summer afternoon, waiting for visiting the bullring.

Siviglia (Spagna). La strada con case in stile barocco attorno a Plaza de Toros (il nome completo è Plaza de Toros de la Real Maestranza de Caballería de Sevilla) fotografate durante un pomeriggio estivo terribilmente caldo, in attesa di visitare l’arena.

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Love is (not) dead

Paris (France). Photographing around Le Marais, in Paris… I’m afraid that the 2015 will be remembered for the horrible terrorist attacks in Paris. First in January, then in November: for two times the heart of the city was taken hostage by armed men, and several people were killed.

But still I want to to think that with just a couple of words properly positioned, it’s still possible to declare that “love is not dead”…

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Commuting Life in Milan

Milan (Italy). Tonight I was going through my photo catalog, and I noticed this image I took some weeks ago when I was on a tram in Milan – I like jumping on a tram with my camera, standing in the back of the coach and photographing life inside and outside – and I was passing from the same crossing where I met a nice juggler (I already wrote a post about him).

Well, I shouldn’t explain my photographs and everyone should have personal and intimate feelings watching an image. For the same reason I shouldn’t explain why I liked this photo… I can only say that I could find something interesting in it, especially in the tram coming from the other direction completing the composition. I imagined about commuting, about moving every day from one point to another, about how life goes on, both inside and outside the tram – the same environment where I was when I took this photo. Trams are like cinemas, there’s always a movie outside and people should try not to get used to the daily show.

For this reason I always have a camera with me: if I think about the world around me as a huge circus (as it is, indeed) or a cinema, there always will be something interesting to photograph. Here we are: this is the reason why I found this photo interesting: because in its normality – in its routine, typical of commuters – it describes something that at my eyes can be perceived as special. And in my opinion, this somehow can be considered as a big privilege.

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Vietnam Electricity Grid

Hanoi (Vietnam). During my trip around Vietnam, I noticed that the electricity grid is considered more than just an attraction: it’s a true superstar! Well, I must admit that I was intrigued by scenes like this one above (and they are very frequently, not only in large cities) – and not only because I work in the electricity sector!

So, I was not surprised when I saw this same image here above, printed on t-shirts sold everywhere in souvenirs shops. If you will travel all around Vietnam, you will certainly notice them. They are nice, and quite representative of today’s Vietnam. But I guess – and I’m pretty sure about it – that in few years these t-shirts as well as photographs like this one will be just a funny memory, considering that Vietnam is committed to modernize its infrastructures, including the Vietnam Electricity Grid.

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