Walking Around Plaza de Toros in Seville

Seville (Spain). The baroque-style street around Plaza de Toros (the full name is Plaza de Toros de la Real Maestranza de Caballería de Sevilla) photographed during a bloody hot summer afternoon, waiting for visiting the bullring.

Siviglia (Spagna). La strada con case in stile barocco attorno a Plaza de Toros (il nome completo è Plaza de Toros de la Real Maestranza de Caballería de Sevilla) fotografate durante un pomeriggio estivo terribilmente caldo, in attesa di visitare l’arena.

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Via delle Bombarde, Florence

Florence (Italy). It’s not easy walking around Florence without being captured by its uncountable number of beautiful things. Churches, facades, museums, landscapes … everything enchants not only its visitors, but also its residents (me included, although I’m not a resident anymore).

For this reason, I really enjoy walking around Florence and photographing something different from the usual “postcards”, and I confess that I find great sources of inspiration in the many narrow alleys, which probably have been looking the same since the Medieval Age.

Via delle Bombarde, the narrow street photographed here, goes from Borgo Santi Apostoli to Via delle Terme – few meters from the Arno River, more or less framed between Ponte Vecchio and Ponte Santa Trinita. Today it’s a picturesque abandoned passage, but if I imagine this street many years ago, during the Medieval Age, I should complete the picture including several prostitutes in the frame. Oh yes, Via delle Bombarde – unfortunately the name is impossible to be translated – was one of the streets of prostitution in Florence (and it was not the only one in town!) and still today, the word “bombardino” is a synonymous of “protettore” (the italian word for “pimp”, although it’s local slang).

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Pontremoly by Night (Vietata L’Affissione)

Pontremoli (Massa Carrara, Italy). Yesterday late afternoon I was flying from Rome to Milan: let me say, it is one of the best (or at least one of the most original) way to visit Italy, especially if you chose the right-window seat (normally the “F” one) and if the sky is clear, as it was yesterday. The plane flew along its normal route, which means it followed the coast of the Tirrenian Sea from Lazio to Tuscany, and then headed to Milan. If you know a bit the geography of Italy, it will be easy to recognize landmarks like Pisa, Livorno (Leghorn), Lucca and the Versilia coast.

Anyway, when the plane was over La Spezia, it pointed directly toward Milan and flew very close to a small town called Pontremoli, I recognized it because I have there some of my family roots. I have spent there most of my childhood’s summers,and still today a piece of my heart belongs to that place and to its neighborhoods. Here you can see some of the photos that I have been taking around Pontremoli for the past years.

During the few minutes during which I flew above Pontremoli and the mountains around, somehow I thought about this photo, which was taken some days ago (with my Ricoh GR) during a pleasant night walk along the old part of the town. When I was back home, although it was quite late, I decided to develop it and to post it here in my blog. It happens to me sometimes: a place brings me back a memory to which I associate a photo, and somehow to “complete” that moment I think that there’s nothing better than reconsider that photo and post it here in my blog. It’s a sort of “fixing” something for the future, since from now on, when I will watch this photo, I will indirectly go back to my yesterday’s flight: isn’t it weird fantastic? This is another one of those magic features about photography, in my opinion.

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