Lower Manhattan Skyline from Hoboken (New Jersey)

New York (USA). This is an old photograph – there’s the Freedom Tower still under construction, it was January 2013 – of Lower Manhattan at sunset captured from Hoboken, on the New Jersey’s side of Hudson River. To those travelling to New York and asking me some tips about what to photograph and especially from where, I always recommend this place. Especially in winter at sunset, when – although the biting cold – positioning the tripod along the river side and waiting for the best light is an authentic pleasure.

It’s a long time since my last post with a photo of New York, and unfortunately it’s a long time I do not have the opportunity to go there – one of the most beautiful places on earth. New York, for a photographer, is a magic place: I think it’s one of the few cities – together with some megalopolis – able to offer inspirations for every photography category. From landscapes to street photography; from architecture to museums; from nature to sky’s colors. It’s hard leaving New York without some outstanding captures. It’s hard leaving New York in general…

New York. Una foto piuttosto datata – si vede la Freedom Tower ancora in costruzione, era Gennaio 2013 – della parte bassa di Manhattan scattata al tramonto da Hoboken, sulla sponda dell’Hudson lato New Jersey. A tutte le persone che vanno a New York e che mi hanno chiesto qualche consiglio su cosa fotografare a soprattutto da dove fotografare, ho raccomandato questo posto. Soprattutto al tramonto in inverno, quando (nonostante il freddo pungente) è un vero piacere piazzare il treppiede sulla sponda del fiume e aspettare la luce migliore.

Era tanto che non pubblicavo una foto di New York, e purtroppo è tanto che non ho occasione di quella che ritengo essere una delle città più belle del mondo. New York per un fotografo è un posto magico: credo sia una delle poche città – insieme a qualche altra megalopoli – in grado di offrire spunti di ispirazione per qualsiasi genere fotografico. Dai panorami alla street photography; dall’architettura ai musei; dalla natura ai colori del cielo. Da New York è difficile tornare senza qualche scatto magico. Anzi, da New York è difficile tornare in generale…

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Sunset at the Florence Rowing Club

Florence (Italy). This is the Florence Rowing Club, it’s my second home – or at least it was. I spent here the largest part of my life from 6 to 26 (before moving from Florence) and as soon as I come back home, I can’t resist from returning here. Today there was a fantastic sunset, typical of this period of the year. The sun was going down behind Ponte Vecchio and its rays were partially hidden by the blade of one oar left on the rack. I thought it was a great set for a photograph…

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Sunset Behind The Bosphorus Bridge

Istanbul (Turkey). Here we are with another typical contrast of Istanbul, something that I love and that has a positive effect on my soul: at the end of a chaotic and hectic day, the sun goes down behind the first Bosphorus Bridge, giving a sense of quite and calmness to the Turkish metropolis.

This is Istanbul, a place that is always surprising… The photo has been taken from the Asian side, in the district of Cengelkoy.

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The Other Side of Venice

Venice (Italy). Thinking about a typical landscape of Venice, it’s normal to have in mind the Canal Grande or the Rialto Bridge. For this reason I liked to photograph what I imagine as “the other side of Venice”: from the Tronchetto park, watching north-west just opposite to the downtown, there is the industrial area of Marghera. It was developed at the beginning of the XX century, when Venice was aiming to become an industrial hub. Today, Porto Marghera’s landscape offers an uninterrupted sequence of chimneys, contrasting with the beautiful bell towers of the Republic of San Marco: Venice and “the other side of Venice”…

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Garibaldi Station (Back to Milan)

Milan (Italy). Here we are… holidays are over (you will see some photos taken during my summer vacations here soon, don’t worry!) and I’m back to Milan.

Maybe you noticed a low activity on my blog during the last three weeks: only three posts… it’s a shame! I will do my best to remedy 🙂 For the time being, let’s warm up with a new – albeit taken some weeks ago, in July – photo of Milan. It’s the new skyline with the Porta Garibaldi train station, taken from the bridge of Via Farini at sunset. Here, you can see some of the newest architectures characterizing Milan: from the “Bosco Verticale” to the “Unicredit Tower” and the new “Lombardy Tower”. If you are interested to know something more about the new skyline of Milan, you can read this post here.

So, nice to see you here again! It will be a very intense year, with many new posts to be shared!

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Glimpse of Udine Before Climbing Up to the Castle (Loggia del Lionello)

Udine (Italy). Giovanni Boccaccio mentions Udine and the Friuli region in the 10th Day’s “Fifth Novel” of his most famous masterpiece Decameron written in 1350.

“In Friuli, a country, though cold, glad with goodly mountains and store of rivers and clear springs, is a city called Udine…”

The feelings I have when I walk around Udine are those of a very pleasant city with high life quality, characterized by a typical medieval urban tissue perfectly integrated with stylish shops, cozy cafes and beautiful bookstores.

I love so much visiting Udine and photographing its glimpses. This one in the image is the colonnade along the steep way to the Castle, captured some days ago at sunset.

Udine. Giovanni Boccaccio menziona Udine e il Friuli nella “Novella Quinta” della decima giornata del suo celebre Decameron, scritto intorno al 1350:

“In Frioli, paese, quantunque freddo, lieto di belle montagne, di più fiumi e di chiare fontane, è una terra chiamata Udine…”

Le sensazioni che si hanno passeggiando per Udine sono quelle di una cittadina assai piacevole con una alta qualità della vita, caratterizzata da un’impronta urbanistica tipicamente medievale che si concilia perfettamente con negozi eleganti, caffè ospitali e belle librerie.

Mi piace molto visitare Udine e fotografarne alcuni suoi scorci. Questo nella foto è il colonnato che accompagna la ripida salita al Castello, in uno scatto fatto giorni fa al tramonto.

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The Hay Bale Field Under the Piagnaro Castle in Pontremoli

Pontremoli (Italy). I’m spending my weekend in Pontremoli: it’s always a “back to my roots” experience and I enjoy walking around the town shooting photographs. On Friday, I went along a field: there were some round hay bales and the sun was going down creating the perfect light conditions. The gold of the field was perfectly contrasting with the green of the wood in the back and the blue of the sky. On the top, the Medieval castle (Castello del Piagnaro) dominates the city with its massive presence.

For this photo I have chosen an old – but legendary – Nikon 55 mm f/1.2 lens: I love its manual focus and I think it’s a perfect companion for this type of situations, thanks to its versatility and quality.

I’m sure those who know Pontremoli will understand the point where I captured this image. To all the others: why don’t you come here and discover this place with your own eyes?

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Sunset in Florence

Florence (Italy). Meet the city where I was born… I’m sure you already know Florence, and I guess I won’t be the one that will open your eyes on one of the most beautiful cities on earth. However, I like when I can share with my followers unusual landscapes (with “unusual” I mean not the typical postcard you can find at the top of a search on Google). This is to say that Florence is not only Ponte Vecchio, Piazza Duomo and Uffizi Museum: if you go to Florence, try to dedicate more than few minutes to a walk around the city, enjoying the sunset along the river Arno or from one of the bridges crossing it, and refreshing yourself with the breeze which blows from the sea. This is my personal tip, let me know what you think about it.

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