At The Tampaksiring Temple in Bali, Indonesia

Bali (Indonesia). Here we are: this is my post number 500!

When I started this photoblog (sometimes I call it “project”, some others just “blog”, when I’m not motivated it’s simply “a random collection of moments”…) I was not imagining at all that one day I would have reached this number. Half thousand of posts, it seems really serious now!

Well, to be hones I do not feel so enthusiastic and I’m not in the mood to celebrate, for a very simple reason, which I try to explain here. This blog talks about travels: not in the usual way such as hotel recommendations, destinations of the year, luxury accommodations, package offers etc. No, this is very simply the photoblog of a traveler that goes around the world for business and (sometimes) for leisure, and that loves bringing a camera with him to capture every possible moment: from the landing with the airplane at destination, to the landscape from the office window, to interior of company’s room, to a monk praying at an Hindu temple in Bali.

The recent episodes of terrorism (Brussels some days ago, Istanbul on March 19th, and back to time Ankara, Paris etc.) have transformed a pleasure into a worry. Travelling is not the same anymore: you feel the stress pressure since you have to step into an airport or a train station, and every crowded environment becomes the place where to imagine horrible scenarios.

This is not the way I intend travelling, and I’m sad to admit that this is probably in line with terrorists’ strategy, which aims at creating a sense of fear and discomfort within the populations.

So, what can we do? Rationally, I would say “staying at home”, replacing business trips with video conferences (technology is favorably going in this direction) and limiting holidays to safe places around my home. But no, this is exactly the worst possible reaction and this is what I do not want to do.

And not only because one day I want to reach (and that time, to celebrate) 1,000 … 2,000 … 5,000 posts! The answer is as much simple as powerful, and it is all in the famous sentence attributed to Saint Augustine:

The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.

Those travels that probably terrorists have never had the opportunity (or the interest) to do, missing the opportunity of seeing the world and understanding it. Travels that would have opened their mind, putting them in front of their incredible inhumanity, cruelty and backwardness.


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