The Auction for Tuna at the Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo

Tokyo (Japan). Early morning at the Tsukiji Fish Market, in the hearth of Tokyo. Hundreds of people gather here to buy the best fish coming from every corner of the world. But the most important one, Tuna fish, has a specially dedicated auction with a very organised procedure. Frozen fishes are laid down on the floor, and the incredibly hot and humid air (it was summer) creates a sort of fog’s layer just above them. Bidders check every single tuna in order to prepare their best offer when the auctioneer – from the heigh of his stool – starts the negotiation few minutes after.

Even if it was forbidden to shoot photos at the tuna auctions, I was able to hide myself behind a cart and capturing some images. This is one of the most representative, taken few minutes before being seen and threatened with a hook by one of the participants…

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