Train Station

The Sunset at the End of the Rails (Stazione di Portogruaro)

Portogruaro (Italy). This post finds its inspiration from a very nice quote I have recently read. It comes from Russel Baker, an American writer known for having won a Pulitzer Prize with his book “Growing Up”.

It says:

“A railroad station? That was sort of a primitive airport, only you didn’t have to take a cab 20 miles out of town to reach it.”
― Russell Baker

“Sort of a primitive airport”… This is probably the reason why I’m loving more and more train stations! In this period I’m catching a couple of planes per week. Flying itself is not a problem: I find it very relaxing, and with the perpetual lack of time due to “business as usual” activities, when I fly I have finally the possibility to write some posts for my blog or to read a book. But the real problem are airports!

I’m going to hate more and more today’s airports, especially when security reasons force you to arrive more than one hour earlier than your flight departure, you stricter and stricter checks (in some of them such as Munich or Frankfurt, I’m required to open each of my lenses and to wait for an inspector watching through them), and make you stand in line for a lot of time waiting for documents control. Going through an airport is so complicated and frustrating nowadays! Not to mention that if you catch your camera at an airport and you shoot a photograph, it takes very few minutes to security guards to come and ask you questions about what you are doing… Of course people get nervous when they have to fly, I perfectly understand them!

But rail stations … they are so different! Especially small stations such as this one photographed here Portogruaro – Caorle). I took this photo on a Sunday afternoon: people were mostly returning home (Venice, Milan?) after the weekend, some couples were saying good-bye each others, waiting for the following weekend to come and stay together again.  The atmosphere was so different compared to the one even of a medium-size airport! And of course, nobody came to me when I unfolded my camera and I took a picture of the sunset at the end of the rails…

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Our Life Is Very Much Like the Movie Playing On the Screen

Naples (Italy). Life can be lived in many different ways. Mine is watching – and photographing – around me. Because wherever I go, there’s always something interesting to observe. Here I was in Naples, at the Montesanto train station. My attention was on the train waiting to leave at the opposite platform of mine: just few seconds to take the camera, focus the scene and capture this image. That’s it.

Napoli. La vita può essere vissuta in diversi modi. La mia è vissuta guardando – e fotografando – attorno a me. Perchè ovunque io vada, c’è sempre qualcosa di interessante da osservare. Qui ero a Napoli, alla stazione ferroviaria Montesanto. La mia attenzione era sul treno che aspettava di partire al binario opposto al mio: sono bastati pochi secondi per prendere la macchina fotografica, mettere a fuoco la scena e catturare questa immagine. Tutto qui.


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Garibaldi Station (Back to Milan)

Milan (Italy). Here we are… holidays are over (you will see some photos taken during my summer vacations here soon, don’t worry!) and I’m back to Milan.

Maybe you noticed a low activity on my blog during the last three weeks: only three posts… it’s a shame! I will do my best to remedy 🙂 For the time being, let’s warm up with a new – albeit taken some weeks ago, in July – photo of Milan. It’s the new skyline with the Porta Garibaldi train station, taken from the bridge of Via Farini at sunset. Here, you can see some of the newest architectures characterizing Milan: from the “Bosco Verticale” to the “Unicredit Tower” and the new “Lombardy Tower”. If you are interested to know something more about the new skyline of Milan, you can read this post here.

So, nice to see you here again! It will be a very intense year, with many new posts to be shared!

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