Palazzo Dugnani a Milano (dal Parco di Via Palestro)

Milan (Italy). The wonderful seventeenth (the initial body) and eighteenth (the expansion) century Palazzo Dugnani photographed from the Via Palestro Park, today named after Indro Montanelli. Hidden corners of Milan – a city that is never known enough – that are worth being contemplated.

Milano. Il bellissimo secentesco (di base, ma settecentesco come sviluppo) Palazzo Dugani fotografato dai Giardini di Via Palestro, oggi conosciuti anche con il nome di Giardini Pubblici Indro Montanelli. Angoli nascosti di Milano – mai abbastanza conosciuta – che meritano di essere contremplati.

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Cena Con Me

Milan (Italy). Imagine… thousands of people attending a dinner without knowing anything – really anything, including the location – since few hours before the scheduled time. Only few rules, being the most important one on the dress code.


Yes, this is the spirit of Cena Con Me, an event I already photographed a couple of years ago, but that every time is a surprise. The organizers create the event on Facebook and collects the requests. Then, it communicates the location (in Milan) 5 hours before the time. Since that moment, people start collecting all the items prepared in the past weeks and gather to the selected place.

It happens therefore that a pacific place suddenly becomes a mess: a “white wave” made of people, tables, chairs, plates, glasses, balloons, candle holders, flowers, accessorizes… everything is rigorously white.

Beyond the color, there are few more basic rules: respecting the location leaving the place as it was before the event – therefore carrying away any sort of garbage; and closing the event at midnight.

Under the tag “Cena Con Me 2017” I’m posting some photos of the event. The location is Piazzale Giulio Cesare, the heart of City Life, a very interesting new development, with the amazing skyscrapers of Zaha Hadid and Arata Isozaki in the background.

Milano. Immagina… migliaia di persone che partecipano a una cena senza sapere niente – ma veramente niente, compresa la location – fino a poche ore prima dell’orario programmato. Solo poche regole, tra cui la più importante riguarda l’abbigliamento.


Si, questo è lo spirito di Cena Con Me, un evento che ho già fotografato in passato un paio di anni fa, ma che ogni volta è una sorpresa. Gli organizzatori creano l’evento su Facebook e raccolgono le richieste di partecipazione. Successivamente, comunicano il luogo di svolgimento (a Milano) 5 ore prima l’orario programmato. Da quel momento, la gente inizia a prendere tutte le cose preparate nelle settimane precedenti e a ritrovarsi presso il luogo stabilito.

Succede quindi che una piazza tranquilla diventi improvvisamente un caos: una “onda bianca” fatta di persone, tavoli, sedie, piatti, bicchieri, palloncini, candelabri, fiori, accessori… tutto è rigorosamente bianco.

Oltre al colore, ci sono poche regole di base: rispettare la location lasciando il posto come lo si è trovato prima dell’evento – quindi portando via ogni tipo di rifiuto; e chiudere l’evento a mezzanotte.

Con il tag “Cena Con Me 2017” posto alcune foto dell’evento. La location scelta quest’anno era Piazzale Giulio Cesare, nel cuore di City Life, un nuovo sviluppo urbano molto interessante, con sullo sfondo i bellissimi grattacieli disegnati da Zaha Hadid e da Arata Isozaki.

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Galleria Meravigli (Perhaps One Day I Will Expose at Fondazione Forma)

Milan (Italy). I come to this place – the Galleria Meravigli – more or less every time there is a new photography exhibition at the Fondazione Forma, one of the most active reality in the Italian photographic landscape and a reference point for photography lovers in Milan. Even this year I have attended several exhibitions, including one of my favorite ever: the legendary Vivian Maier.

I have selected the Galleria Meravigli some days ago, when I was walking around Milan to test the new Leica M-D camera: It was Saturday morning and there was nobody around. I liked the feeling of being a bit suspended in the past and I took some photos of people walking “over there, out of the gallery”. This is one of them…

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La Vedovella del Castello Sforzesco, Milano

Milan (Italy). One – and probably the first – upside of having a photoblog in English, is that my posts are more or less accessible to everyone from different parts of the world. The problem comes when I have to translate something of “very local”, such as the word “Vedovella”…

Vedovella is the endearment of “vedova” (the English word “widow“) and here in Milan the term “vedovella” is used for the numerous fountains positioned all around the city (it seems there are some 500 fountains in Milan, as confirmed by this interactive map on line). The name “vedovella” is given by the fact that these fountains “cry” for the whole day, 24/7, exactly as a widow does (or is supposed to do). Another name used for these fountains is a more exotic “Drago Verde” (green dragon) for the shape of the faucet and the color of the body. However, I prefer the name “vedovella”, it’s much more romantic and poetic…

One of the things I love to do during my lunch break is walking around my office photographing all the interesting things around me (here’s the name and the philosophy of my photoblog). It’s a good excuse to move my legs, to oxygen my brain and to stimulate my curiosity – even for things that I have seen thousands of times – moving my concentration to something different than business. It’s not easy returning to work after this sort of evasion, but at least I enjoyed my lunch break much more than if I stayed at my desk working (as I’m going to do right now…)

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